Training Camp 2018 is upon us let us rejoice at the return of our beloved Niners! Soon enough we shall see who is a John Lynch put it “one of our guys”. Today I’ll be breaking down the 49ers’ quarterback position. While we all know who is going to be the starter and the backup are going to be, it’s still going to be interesting to watch Jimmy G Cool and C.J. Beathard along with Nick Mullens and Jack Heneghan battle it out in camp. Without further ado, let’s get to the passers.

Jimmy G-Cool


The 49ers’ new franchise QB is now entering into his first full year starting under center after being traded to San Francisco last year, and later signing a 5 year $137.5M deal this offseason. Jimmy went 5-0 as the starter last season — throwing 7 TDs and 5 INTs to go along with 1,560 yards and a passer rating of 96.2. I’m not going to spend too much time gushing over the new franchise QB if you want to read me gush over him click here to read my blog: “ATTN Jalen Ramsey: Jimmy G-Cool did carve you up.” By no means is Jimmy perfect — he has his fair share of flaws. The amount of picks he threw in the redzone must come down. His TD/INT ratio must be way lower if the Niners are going to make a serious push at the playoffs this year. IMO, the best thing he must improve on is the deep ball. What I have always heard is that the deep ball is always the last thing that every quarterback (that isn’t born with a natural ability to throw the deep ball) develops. Jimmy G-Cool appears to be the real deal — his quick release and his ability to quickly mentally process defenses along with his mechanics will allow him to mask up his flaws until he’s able to fix them.

C.J. Beathard


C.J. Beathard also started 5 games last year for the Red and Gold last year after he was drafted in the third round. Beathard set franchise records for most competitions (123) and most attempts by a rookie (274). C.J. is a man’s man, and he took a beating before eventually getting pulled due to suffering an injury against Seattle and the rest as we know is history. Beathard must learn not hold onto the so long in the NFL — opposing defensive linemen are too fast and it usually won’t end well. In a nut shell, that’s why he got hurt. San Francisco could certaintly do a lot worse than C.J. as our backup. If the unspeakable were to happen this year, at least they have a competent passer under center developing nicely heading into his sophomore year.

Nick Mullens


Nick Mullens was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by San Francisco last year, then signed to their practice squad after last year’s final cuts. He lacks the normal throwing arm strength you would like to see from a signal-caller, but has the intelligence and quick diction making that Shanahan likes his quarterbacks to have. Mullens will be battling with undrafted rookie Jack Heneghan for the 3rd quarterback spot.

Jack Heneghan


Heneghan signed this year as an undrafted free agent out of Dartmouth. In four years at Dartmouth (2014-17), he played in 22 games (19 starts) and completed 437/717. for 4,900 yds. and 28 TDs. Heneghan also rushed 126 times for 389 yds. and 4 TDs. In 2017, he started 10 games and completed 185/293 for 2,136 yds. and 17 TDs to go along with 51 rushes for 162 yds. and 1 TD. Likely brought in to be a camp body, we’ll see what he has in store during the preseason.

Preseason Rankings

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo
  2. CJ Beathard
  3. Nick Mullens
  4. Jack Heneghan

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