As long as I’ve been a 49ers Faithful and a Bay Area native for the last 35 years, I’ve encountered multiple people that were members of the Black Hole, people who live, eat, and breathe the Raider Nation. In the 49ers’ crap years and the Raiders decent years, of course I’d be catching shade thrown at my team from friends and family who were Raiders fans, and of course; what goes around, comes around. Hell, I find it ironic that my High School’s mascot / logo was the Silver Creek Raiders. Here I would spend hours so engrossed in writing and drawing that I hardly did any learning of value. It was at this so called “Home of the Raiders” that I met my now wife. So yeah, the word “Raiders” will forever be in some shape or form a part of my life. This game, no matter what was in the win or loss column, no matter what lies ahead in the last half of the season, this game was bitter sweet for me. This was the final Battle of the Bay. This is also my final article for the awesome Nothing But Niners crew.

As the Raiders are moving on to Las Vegas, I am also moving on to a job offer in the biomedical device field. It all happened so fast and I really wanted to be able to commit myself to the NB9ers family for a full season but life is life, and as much as I want to prolong the faith in the readers and fans of my content, I am also being given a chance to help prolong the life of people that are sick, and most importantly, prolong the life of children.

But you know having faith in your team and having faith in life is something I find can go hand in hand at times. Things aren’t always going to go according to plan, but there is no reason you have to wake up and tell yourself that you’re gonna give less. Progress unfortunately, requires giving more, it’s a bum deal, I know. But to push forward we truthfully have to believe we can get better, that things can get better. Will get better. And I truly believe they will. Trust the process. However nobody said the process was going to be fair, and nobody said the process was going to be pretty.

Nothing But Niners crew, I appreciate you all for the opportunity, you guys and gal have become awesome friends and I truly cannot think of any other writers so dedicated to this team and most importantly wanting to see this team succeed. When I say you guys talk 49ers football 24/7 people would probably think I’m exaggerating but they have no idea. You guys are truly dedicated to your team, the words you put forth, and your readers. Thank you for giving my inner dialogue the chance to decipher itself in written form. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good bye, it’s more so of a see ya later.

Without further adieu, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Niners vs Raiders…

They wanted to tell you this Prime time match between the Oakland soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders and the San Francisco soon-to-be only NFL team in Northern California was a wash. That the Raiders who were coming in 1-6 and the 49ers who were coming off a disappointing loss with a 1-7 record, was not really worth the watch. Well, for the Raiders that kind of rang true. However we all tuned in because those who know, know better. This was the FINAL Battle of the Bay. No matter how ugly it was going to get, there was no way you could away for long, and if you did swear you wouldn’t watch, you know you peeked.

The Good

BD Nick Mullens: Yep, I wrote that. Let this go on record that I’m the first (and probably the last) to put that in written form in a 49ers article. ***Editors note, he better not be***

Nick Mullens completed 16/22 passes for 262 yards and 3 touchdowns, finishing the night with a 151.9 QB Rating. He also got verified on Twitter.



All he needed was an opportunity.

Does this mean that Nick Mullens is the future? For the remainder of the season, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I know it is only one game, but I don’t see Coach Shanahan not going with the hot hand on this one. My best guess would be that Nick Mullens is QB2 after the bye week.

The Pass Rushers: The 49ers recorded 8 sacks. 8. Half of their season total going into the Raiders game and the first time the 49ers had registered eight sacks in a game since 2010. Dekoda Watson came off IR with the seemingly sole intent of blowing up the Raiders overmatched offensive line. He got a Baldinger tweet for it.

Cassius Marsh came up big too, whilst DeForest Buckner and Ronald Blair predictably got in on the act. Long may it continue.

The Bad

Raheem Mostert is most likely out for the remainder of the season.

Mostert was definitely an ace on special teams and started to emerge out of the backfield and become a nice one-two punch with Breida. Mostert ended the night with 7 carries for 86 yards, one of those being a 52 yard run for a touchdown.

This is a huge loss and we’re wishing Raheem a speedy and full on recovery.

The Ugly

The Raiders: There was absolutely no fight in them on Thursday night. Gruden said screw it and benched his starting QB at the end of the game. It’s incredible (shout out to Eric Crocker) to see a team at more of an absolute low than I thought we were at right now. I’m dumbfounded that Gruden was paid all that money to blow up the team into full on rebuild oblivion. Oh well, bye Felicia, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so please, stay in Vegas. Your forever champions and defenders of the Bay, the San Francisco 49ers, the Bay Area’s only NFL team.