The Kansas City Chiefs released Jeremy Maclin on 6/2/17. Maclin’s first season with the Chiefs was a successful one, catching 87 passes for 1,088 yards and eight touchdowns. However his second year with the team wasn’t as productive. Maclin’s numbers dropped considerably with only hauling 44 catches, 536 yards and two receiving touchdowns. Not all of that is on Maclin as KC’s offense doesn’t feature receivers as much as other teams in the league do, some say due to the QB Alex Smith’s lack of down the field arm strength.

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t had a true number one wr in quite some time. Jeremy Maclin (6’0 198lbs) is an impact player who has great quickness and speed. He is a natural pass catcher who is a hard worker and a great teammate. Maclin would be a great addition and overall upgrade to the current unit.


The 49ers current depth chart includes:

Pierre Garcon

Jeremy Kerley

Marquise Goodwin

Aldrick Robinson

Bruce Ellington

Trent Taylor

Aaron Burbridge

DeAndre Smelter

DeAndre Carter


Aside from Garcon and Kerley, many of those names are not very inspiring. I really like the potential of Goodwin and Taylor but they may take some time to develop. If signed, Maclin would automatically step in as the starting receiver opposite of Garcon. Even though he was released by Kansas City due to salary, the same can’t be said about the 49ers. The team has the most salary cap available in the league ($71 mil+ according to NFLPA) and could easily get a deal done. The bigger hurdle that the team will have to overcome would be the fact they aren’t looked at as a team that is likely to be a contender for at least 2-3 years. As a rebuilding team, it would take quite a pitch but the Niners to land him. Some teams that come to my mind that could make a run at Maclin would be Buffalo, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington and Carolina. With that being said any team in the league would upgrade from adding a player of Jeremy Maclin’s talent. If I was Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, I would’ve been on the phone with Jeremy as soon as the news broke.



So I have two questions for all of the Faithful out there….

Will they sign Maclin?

Should they try?

As Always,

Stay Faithful