Richard Sherman, the happy man in the red and gold!

The veteran cornerback spoke to the media during mandatory minicamp this week, and he seemed to be full of good cheer. Here are some of the highlights:

  • His Achilles tendon injury has given him a complete offseason to fully heal any nagging injuries. The achilles injury had been bothering him for close to a year.
  • The injury itself happened while he was going for an interception; a play he predicted he’d get hurt on but going for the interception was worth the risk.
  • He says he feels “light years” better and that it’s been frustrating to not be able to do anything. He also gave details on the specific training he did during minicamp.
  • He heaped praise on Jimmy Garoppolo: “He’s been phenomenal around the team, just another one of the guys, he carries himself well, he executes the offense great, goes through every single read. His mind works really fast. You can see a lot of the things he learned from Tom [Brady]…taking what the defense gives, not forcing the big play.”
  • And on Garoppolo’s pass release: “It’s quicker than most quarterbacks…You know he’s letting it go and you have to be decisive when you make a decision. When he takes his hand off the ball you have to be ready to break.