The San Francisco 49ers announced on Sunday (4/15) that linebacker Reuben Foster would not participate in team activities while his legal issues are ongoing. The team issued the following statement:

“Reuben Foster will not participate in team activities as he is tending to his legal matters. As previously stated, his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.” – 49ers

The team is clearly doing their best to both support Foster in what is likely the most trying time of his life, and not give anyone the false impression that they support what he did. They had stressed how Foster really needs the structure the organization provides, so it would be somewhat foolish to turn the troubled linebacker away when he needs them now more than ever. However, at the same time, the 49ers aren’t going to let him fly by under the radar as if nothing happened either.

It appears at this point, they are committed to letting the legal process fully play out before they’ll make a decision when it comes to Foster staying on the roster or not. This plot will only continue to thicken, we’ll be sure to stay tuned and report it as it happens.

Featured image credit: Dai Sugano / Bay Area News Group