After months of uncertainty the 49ers organization and its fans finally have clarity. All information comes via The Athletic’s David Lombardi.

In April, Reuben Foster was accused by his former girlfriend of having hit her numerous times in the head. After she called the police a gun was found in his home which is illegal in the state of California.

However, shortly afterwards Foster’s ex-girlfriend recanted her statement and a video surfaced which showed her fighting with another woman. On Wednesday afternoon judge Nona Klippen rebuked the domestic violence charges harshly and showed her disappointment in the district attorney. Both charges were dropped. The felony gun charge was dropped to a misdemeanor charge. Foster will fight it in court on June 6.

This ruling is a big victory for Reuben Foster. He has been cleared of the domestic violence allegations and now only faces a misdemeanor gun charge on a gun he legally purchased in Alabama.

The 49ers organization and every of its fans can take a deep breath now. Foster will join the team tomorrow.