49ers’ linebacker (at the time of writing) Reuben Foster has been charged with felony domestic violence, per Ian Rapoport. His domestic violence charge includes allegations that he caused great bodily harm and forcefully attempted to prevent the victim from reporting the crime – both felonies.

Cam Inman had further details on Foster’s alleged actions.

These actions resulted in the victim of Foster’s actions suffering a ruptured eardrum.

Furthermore, Foster has been charged with possessing an assault weapon (a felony) as well as a misdemeanour charge of possessing a large capacity weapon magazine. When his misdemeanour charge is combined with the aforementioned felonies, Foster could be facing more than eleven years in prison if convicted.

Now there are two key questions.

Firstly, how much did the 49ers know before these charges and their accompanying details were made public? Understanding this will give a better understanding of the 49ers’ actions until this point. The signing of Korey Toomer perhaps suggests they have known some of these details for longer than they have been in the public domain. The teams’ failure to act could be criticised, but also seems a responsible decision, allowing the appropriate bodies to carry out their investigations privately before publicly revealing the results of such investigations.

Secondly, and undoubtedly more importantly, what will the 49ers’ actions be now? There can be little doubt that Foster’s time as a 49er could soon be at an end, with this news likely severing a brief and tempestuous love affair between Foster and those associated with the 49ers, as fans, employees and owners. Foster could be set to provide a terrible example of great potential that seems likely to go to waste.

Image by Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports