Due to the mixed reactions to the Kilgore signing, the Nothing But Niners team decided to task the following participants with one simple task:

In just a few sentences, tell how you feel about the 3 year deal for center Daniel Kilgore.

See the results below –


Mike A:  “I’m glad it happened. I was a huge supporter of Kilgore over the years but this year it got harder to do. A lot of the group kinda laughed at me. But I guess I’ve got an eye for talent (like John Lynch).”Looking at how his contract is projected, he’s not a lock to make the team or even start. A friendly team deal for depth is much needed and I commend Kilgore for taking this deal instead of walking. That’s the attitude this team needs going forward. It really Speaks to the mentality of this locker room.”

Nick: “I was hoping we didn’t resign Kilgore due to his lack of play/Injuries over his career here in San Francisco, his career has been a roller coaster ride. With that being said, I am ok with the signing but only to hope they bring someone in to compete for that spot. If he should start, I trust Kyle and his decision. I believe he puts the team’s best player/option on the field and in front of everything. He definitely uses his standard “put the team first”

Matt: “This is a depth move and resigning Kilgore, who Jimmy is fond of by all accounts, doesn’t mean that the 49ers can’t go out and sign or draft better players for the interior offensive line. He should come cheap and it’s par for the course in terms of setting up the roster for next season.”

Stefan: “I like this move. Going into next season with a center that is familiar with the system is a good thing. Kilgore is still solid enough that the team can push a draft pick on that position to day three of the draft.”

Steve: “I like the move. One of the biggest things of having a good offensive line is continuity. He should come cheap and I’m sure they will still be looking for an eventual replacement in the draft. Nothing wrong with some competition. I didn’t want him back but he seemed to play better when  Jimmy got in there. So I’ll give him a chance .”

Mike M: ” I have not been impressed with Kilgore in recent years. He’s never been anything but
adequate as a center, except that he’s better than Marcus Martin ever was, and that’s damning with faint praise.
I’m still not sure the team couldn’t do better, but the ink is dry.”

Mike (NY)  “The fan reaction to this extension is probably mixed, similar to Kilgore’s overall career. With that being said, he is a solid veteran who has the support of QB Jimmy Garoppolo and that chemistry could lead to better performances by Kilgore. This signing shouldn’t change the teams game plan this offseason as they should still look to add depth in both the guard and center positions.”