It’s your Boy Nick (@49erfaithful365). I am one of the co-founders of your very own Nothing But Niners podcast and Nothingbutniners.com.

A little about me, I was born and raised in Burlington County NJ, but now reside in the sunshine state (Tampa FL,) I have been a Niners fan since I can remember walking. I am the 7th of 8 kids. 5 Sisters, and 2 Brothers. My sisters, brothers and mom are HUGE NINER fans, so to say the least my first ever outfit was a 49er’s onesie, as I got older I received more and more Faithful gear. This is how I became a Die Hard! The tradition has stuck and will continue to stick. I have a drive and passion for our team, we have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and more. The years ahead of us are going to be great. The energy, the passion our new coaching staff and front office is going to bring could be wonderful. So I was a guest on Mikes (@49ersGab) podcast a few times before, I loved it, I love the energy from the fans, I could talk 49ers all day and night. So we have partnered up to bring you a Nothing But Niners podcast and much much more! So buckle your seats and enjoy the ride, you’re in for a good one. Above All Else, STAY FAITHFUL! I’m out!


Welcome to our new journey, and I hope you all enjoy!


I go by many names Mike, Ny2ThaBay and MC. Whatever you want to call me. I’ve been a 49er faithful for over 25 years now. Living in Upstate New York I’ve had to represent as one of the few 49er fans in the area (Most are Buffalo fans) and I never shy away from a debate. I can talk sports all day and football is by far my favorite. I’m a draft fanatic as I’ve watched all of like the last 20 in their entirety (most people think I’m crazy). I am a father of a four year old who is my whole world. I love to travel when it’s possible, I try to go to at least one game a year.  I love connecting with 49er fans from all around the world as, i believe we truly are family!

Win or lose, I’ll be forever faithful. 


          Hey, my name’s Scott Geelan and I’m a history student at the University of Oxford with a passion for writing about the NFL.

I have only recently started publishing work on the 49ers, though I’ve been a fan of the NFL since about 2008 and the 49ers not long after that. Having started as more of a fan of the Madden video game series, I am now a bit of an NFL junkie, thoroughly enjoying being somewhat immersed in goings on in the league, probably at the expense of university work…

I’ve been an avid reader of Bleacher Report, the MMQB, Niners Nation and The 49ers Hub for a while now, in addition to listening to various podcasts. More recently, I decided that I wanted to give writing a go. Not only did I feel like I had thoughts and ideas that people would find interesting, but I also wanted to become a part of a larger community that would help to enhance my understanding and awareness of the NFL and the 49ers in particular.

So far the the process has been an incredibly enjoyable one, and I hope that my passion for this kind of thing makes for some great stuff for you guys to read.

In addition to being a fan of the NFL, I watch a lot of rugby and football (soccer), following Liverpool and Bournemouth in the Premier League.

Follow me on Twitter at @_sc0tt_  where I’ll provide a variety of sporting takes and if you’re keen to get in touch my email is geelanscottdavid@gmail.com


Whats going on Niner Faithful.

My name is Tony and I’m a huge 49ers fan from NJ. I love to talk 49ers football. I have been a fan my entire life. I was Born in NJ and had family on the west coast who sent me outfits when I was born and that’s pretty much what made me a fan on east coast! Looking forward to working with this group of guys and I know you will enjoy also, I’m very excited to what the new regime will bring to this franchise.




Hello my fellow Faithful! My name is Cory, my friends call me Cofy. I’m born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Yes, that means I live in Cardinals country. Being raised by a Cowboy & Redskin fan, I’m not clear on how I became a 49ers fan. However, my two biggest memories back then are Garrison Heart’s 96-yard touchdown run versus the Jets & The Catch II. The Catch II is the play that solidified my die-hard love for this team. I remember it like it was yesterday. 8 seconds left on the clock, Steve Young & the offense line up in a 4-wide receiver set. As the ball is snapped, right guard Kevin Gogan steps on Young’s foot. Young stumbles as he drops back, quickly regains his balance, throws the ball to an end zone submerged with Packers players. Only for it to land into the waiting hands of Terrell Owens (who struggled all game). As soon as Owens makes the grab, he gets sandwiched between two Packers. Touchdown, and the 49ers win the wildcard game.

Since that play I have experienced a lot of good times with this team, as well as the bad times. Even in the horribe 1-15 days, I never once waivered my fandom for this great franchise. I have started to make the attempt each year to travel from Arizona to see a 49ers home game. Since the hire of new General Manager & Head Coach, John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan, I have had this gut feeling we are about to witness something special with this team, my fellow Faithful. It’s just a gut feeling I can’t understand, but I know I’m not the only one that is having it. Which brings me here. I’m brand new to this writing life but it’s something that has always interested me. So, I decided to give this a shot and see what could happen. Most importantly, I just want to connect with my fellow 49ers Faithful community. So, I hope you like what I put out there. Also feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad. I’m here to learn & improve, feel free to tweet me your opinions @Cofy21.

Finally, I just want to thank Nothing but Niners for this opportunity to get better & do big things. This Empire will rise again! Why not go along for the ride?!


What’s up 49er faithful! My name is Nicholas Peck and I’m a 16 year old football player in the Southern California. I am 6’5 270 pounds and play offensive line and long snapper. I’ve gotten recruited from some big time schools including: Cal-Berkeley, Toledo, USC, Army, Harvard, Oregon State, and Penn State. My love for the game of football is incredible! But nothing out lasts my love for the 49ers. I was a season ticket holder with the 49ers for 12 years at “THE STICK”. I would spend most of my childhood up in the Bay Area watching our team through better and worse play 49er football that I grew to love and enjoy. I grew up idolizing the likes of Patrick Willis and long time long snapper Brian Jennings. My love for football and the 49ers I hope is to be read through my passion of writing as authentically as possible! #ninernation

What’s up Faithfuls!
My name is Dillon Frazier and I’m 19 years old from North Carolina. I am currently a college student at University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I love football and I always have, I played in high school and I even keep the action going with flag football in college. I grew up in a 49ers household and I guess you could say it rubbed off on me. I love 49ers football more than most things in life. I hate I wasn’t around to see the glory days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice but I couldn’t be happier to be a fan of this organization. I’m just ready to join the Quest for Six and you better believe I’ll be watching almost every game from now until then. You may have met me earlier in my “writing career” from my beginnings at 49ersHive. I also write for a fantasy football website, Snack Time Fantasy. I love everything football and I love to talk about it too. Find me on twitter and talk to me about anything football! Whether it’s 49ers, fantasy, draft talk, or anything in between I’m always down to talk it all.

What’s up Faithfuls!
I’m Steve and I live in central California.  I’ve been a 49ers fan for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were huge 49ers fans, and let’s just say they raised me right. I can talk all kinds of sports all day, but I will always talk 49ers and football with anyone. 
I love collecting 49ers autographs and memorabilia. I’m always adding to my collection even though I dont have the room for it anymore. I am also very passionate about fantasy football. I play both NFL and college. So get with me if you need any advice. I’m glad to be apart of NothingButNiners and finally having the opportunity to Express my views. Looking forward to chatting with you guys about the 49ers and fantasy football. 

Hey guys Anthony Perry here!

Just wanna say I’m extremely excited to be apart of the NBN crew! I’m a 20 year old aspiring sports journalist from Cali, and I only wanna provide nothing but the best content to every fan out there! My goal as a writer is to be as honest and as credible as possible. I also want to be able to provide content that is both readable and debatable. Football is the best, and being able to argue and debate the sport is even better. As a fan, I’ve been supporting the 49’ers ever since I could even think. I live and breath 49’ers football, as they’re the team I’m absolutely in love with. I’m determined to be the best sports writer there’s ever been, and being able to write to fans and people all over is what motivates me to take the extra step to be the best. So here’s to another season of covering the best football team in the NFL, with the best fan base out of every team!!



This is your boy Mike (from Nothing But Niners and 49ersGab)! I’m pleased to have you along in this new venture of my 49ers life! As some of you know, I am a major contributor to the 49ersGab page/website/podcast/videos etc. But what you may not know is that I have joined Nick to bring you guys Nothing But Niners!

Born in Princeton NJ, I was born in Giants country (even though my mother is a cowboys fan). I can recall being very young, and the family gathered around a tv and watching a playoff game. I can’t clearly remember which NFC EAST opponent it was, but what I do remember is the sympathy I felt inside. No one was cheering for the team with the gold helmets. I remember yelling at family members telling them “That’s not nice! Someone needs to be on their side! You guys are mean!” The response I got was “if you think we’re so mean, you cheer for them!” And that’s precisely what I did.

Although I became a fan out of pity, and even though I can’t recall this team winning a superbowl that I felt excited about, I have never betrayed this team. My loyalty is embedded in my being. There are 4 things that I love in life, and that is: Family,Friends, God, and the 49ers. My 4 children mean the world to me, and my wife means even more. I love watching football, but even more so, 49ers football!

Welcome to our new journey, and I hope you all enjoy!

What’s up Faithful!

My name is Zach Hernandez and I’m currently 22 years old. I’ve followed football since I was about 8 years old and I’ve always loved the 49ers. I love talking all things team related. I follow the draft in particular, but always cover everything. You might know me on twitter as @49ersHive.

I live in South San Jose, California and attend as many home games as I can. I am recently engaged to my girlfriend of four years. I am also major in communications currently, so I literally love to talk. There are few things I enjoy more than a good talk about the 49ers.

I love well thought out discussions and would love to hear your guys’ opinions especially if they differ from mine. There’s always more than one way to view things! If you read one of my articles and want to tell me something about it, feel free to hit me up on twitter!

Thank you for being apart of what we’re doing here at NothingButNiners!


WHAT IS UP Faithfuls!!

My name is Ali and I’m a die-hard Niners Faithful.  I have been a faithful for over 20 years. I bleed Red and Gold and I can talk 49ers football 24/7/365. I have been a guest a few times on @49ersGab Podcast and I loved being on talking 49ers football. I’m so excited to be a part of NothingbutNiners and hopefully you enjoy reading my pieces on the 49ers.

I was born in Vancouver Canada in Seahawk country. Although Canada doesn’t have an NFL team the Seahawks are their adopted team so naturally I should be a Seahawks fan right?! WRONG! Someone once told me that you don’t pick your team your team picks you and that’s the way it was with the Niners.  I started following the Niners during the super bowl run when we captured our 5th Lombardi trophy and I have been a faithful ever since.

I started watching football highlights and really understanding the game by watching NFL Primetime with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. So for the past 20 years football has been my life outside of my real life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can follow me on Twitter @Aliyaz01 and please tweet @ me I love to interact with the faithful.

Go Niners!



Hello fellow Faithfuls, my name is Abel.

I’m originally from the The Bay Area and I’m blessed to grow up in the heart of greatest 49ers era there’s ever been. I got to witness the Montana to Rice era followed up by Young to Rice and all the greatness in between. Spoiled!

This isn’t my first venture into writing or podcasts but it has been years since I was actively involved. I started off writing for a friend on his website. That evolved into doing a weekly podcast which evolved into doing a weekly YouTube sports show. Those are still up, Ur MCM Sports show. We had sponsors and everything so it was nice to see what I considered a passion, flourish like it did.

I had to give it up though when I moved to San Diego because it was an in studio show and we couldn’t do it how we wanted to over long distance. So I started my own passion project and developed my own website. It’s no longer up because I started working 3 jobs and couldn’t update content on a daily basis how I wanted so I let the website and name go. I also made the mistake of trying to cover ALL California sports which proved too much for one person to do.

Thats why joining Nothing But Niners is such a blessing! That passion for the 49ers, writing and speaking my mind has never left me so I look forward to applying that passion here.

Go Niners!

Hey Niner Faithful! I’m Mike, but I’m known on NBN as “Teach,” since there are already too many Mikes here and I get to teach high school and college history as a career! (You can also find me on Twitter at @teachermike72.)

I’m a Bay Area native, and have been a fan of the 49ers since “The Catch” of 1981, when we finally overcame the Cowboys and headed off to Superbowl XVI. Since then, I’ve seen the team go through the Glory Years (the Walsh/Siefert/Mariucci days), the Oh My God Can This Get Any Worse Years (the Nolan/Erickson/Singletary years), the Revival Period (the Harbaugh years), and the Holy Crap Yes It Can Get Worse Saga (Tomsula and Chip Kelly). And I’m thrilled to be aboard the NBN train for what I hope will be a time when our Niner Empire rises to its former prominence and brings some Lombardi trophies back to the Bay!

When I’m not writing for NBN or teaching at Los Altos High School or Skyline College, I can usually be found reading, watching sports (Niners/Sharks/Giants/ Stanford football), playing video games, Netflixing, cooking, or hanging with Nancy, my beautiful wife of 16 years, our 9 year old son Stephen, and our beagle Snoopy.

I want to thank: Zach for getting me involved in writing pieces on our favorite team on 49ersHive and then on #NB9ers; Nick and Mike for their warm welcome to the team; and Scott for his editing and his insights on different aspects of the game.

It’s our time. Let’s seize the moment!!



Hello Faithful I am Stewart, I live in New Jersey and I am a huge 49er fan. I’ve been with this team since the dreaded Mike Nolan era, I love the draft and Offensive line play. I’m a husband and father to a 2 year old son. My other interest include supporting Liverpool football club, swimming and occasionally some cricket. I’m pleased to be part of Nothingbutniners, this is a great team of people genuinely believe you’ll enjoy the content on offer. GoNiners⁠⁠⁠⁠


Hey there!
If you have been following Nothing But Niners or 49ers Hive, the site I previously wrote for, you might already know me. My name is Stefan and I am probably a little bit of an outlier here as I am from Germany. Currently, I am studying to become an elementary school teacher at Bielefeld University. I have become a fan of the NFL and the 49ers only fairly recently compared to most of my colleagues and even you around here. I vividly remember my first Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLVII. I had never seen a game of American Football before, but I was hooked immediately,despite only my Wikipedia-crash-course-knowledge. I remember these magnificent red uniforms, I remember the 21-6 halftime score and the kickoff return TD to seemingly crush any hopes of a comeback. And I remember the weird blackout, the furious and beautiful run by the suddenly completely different looking 49ers to get back in the game and the heartbreak at the end. Watching that, they immediately won over my heart. I have been a Faithful ever since and recently wanted to give writing about it a try. I am glad to be part of such a fantastic team and hope to bring you all the best content possible.
Go Niners!

PS: If you haven’t checked me out on Twitter yet, just click that little blue rectangular button down below. I love to talk and discuss on there, especially when it comes to our beloved 49ers!

What’s going on Empire faithful?!?!? It’s a boy Kev Mitchell, aka Silverado Kev, aka MrNinersOnMine. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. I’m a 14-year Navy Veteran living in San Diego. Ca. Yep, down here reppin the red and gold all up and through former Charger country!
Jump in the car with me if you will and take this ride as you get ot know Kev. As you know I’m a Bruce Willis (Die Hard) Niners fan, born and raised in San Francisco, Ca in the Fillmore district. I know nothing else but our Niners.  Some don’t understand or comprehend how deep this runs for me. It’s more than just the team, it’s the city, the history, the prestige we have.
Between my grandfather about throwing me off his knee in excitement when we came back to beat Cincinnati the second time on that Montana to Taylor hook up, watching the parade go right behind where I lived (on Golden Gate St) , or my grandmother sitting me down watching old Niners games on Saturday mornings when most kids were watching cartoons, but the team and city are truly a part of me.
I ended up playing football in high school and a very brief stint in college with hopes of being drafted by my home team Niners. I’ve played football as long as I can remember. After my playing days and I had a young son that began to play. Between me yelling out gap assignments, strength calls, coverage issues, line spacing, or any changes based upon what I saw on the field, some of the parents recommend me to the HC for a coaching job. I started in 2011 as a position coach and am now a defensive coordinator.
So coaching is also one of my passions. I’m a mix of a true fan that truly knows, still studies, coaches, and loves this game! I was given the opportunity to combine my fanhood and coaching knowledge in 2016 when I became an official staff writer and started a YouTube channel. I stepped away a year later in 2017 as life got hectic. But, I bounced back, just like our Niners are about to do and we’re here.
I truly enjoy and make it a point to show my passion in my writing and writing style. I try and provide the reader with a very clear picture of what is being discussed in the article or piece. So much so the reader feels like they were there. I also strive to educate in my articles as well. You know ensure the reader learned something new somehow after reading the article. Next time they watch a game and know what it means for a defensive tackle to two gap, they’ll think about the article. If so, I feel like I touched another fan and faithful.
It was actually an article by a member of this very site that inspired me to write again after reading his article. It touched me, it even shook me because it reaffirmed my thoughts about future of this team. Something special is happening. Not a fan that feels we can do no wrong, but I’m a fan that knows talent and chemistry when he sees it. We’re onto something faithful. That article made me want to again discuss 49ers football as I see it and in my truth. Had a couple real conversations with real likeminded people, and here I am.
I’m looking forward to the upcoming season with you all and my new Noting But Niners family. Thank you for your time. Go Niners!