Do you believe that Trent Taylor has a decent impact this season? – Joey Arredondo

Based on his abilities, I would certainly expect Taylor to have a decent impact this season. As an undersized receiver who was a fifth round draft pick, we should not expect a huge amount, but Taylor is capable of being counted on to make his presence felt on both offense and special teams.

His contribution to the latter will be the most significant – a good punt returner can make an offense’s life considerably easier. In a league where the one percenters can make enormous differences to the outcomes of matches, this contribution should not be underestimated.

As a receiver, I would expect his contribution to increase as the season goes on, and he will undoubtedly find himself a part of the slot receiver rotation. As the fifth or sixth receiver on the depth chart he won’t see a huge number of snaps, but can certainly be trusted as a more than capable backup should injuries strike as well as taking a few offensive snaps a game if the receivers ahead of him stay healthy. He has the qualities to impact matches in those snaps. Due to the physical nature of the NFL, I imagine we will see Taylor get a start or two this season.

So we hear all the positive from this offseason. Can you think of one negative that no one is talking about? – @49erbud7373

Ahmad Brooks, Eric Reid, Garry Gilliam, Tank Carradine, Aaron Lynch, Daniel Kilgore, Brock Coyle, Brandon Fusco, Carlos Hyde, Tim Hightower, Logan Paulsen, Bruce Ellington, Tim Barnes, Dontae Johnson, Keith Reaser, Chris Jones, Will Davis.

What do these players have in common? They are all unrestricted free agents next season. By my reckoning, there are four probable starters amongst them (Brooks, Reid, Hyde and Johnson) as well as several players who will be key contributors in certain situations (Carradine, Hightower, Paulsen, Reaser) and several others who could also be crucial role players. Who knows how Aaron Lynch performs – he could start at LEO or be off the roster.

Right now, the 49ers do not appear to be attempting to negotiate with any of them and future depth at the vast majority of the positions these players play is questionable. At this moment, the team absolutely has the best negotiating position. If players are impressing over the next few weeks, the 49ers should not wait for games to roll around. They should see if they can get the player and his agent to the negotiating table and sort out a contract that suits the team. If the team waits too long and the players perform well, the team loses its leverage.

Of course, one reason why these players are in contract years is because they have failed to impress enough to justify being offered new long term deals by the new front office. But for some of these players, the 49ers could get ahead of the curve ball by negotiating longer term deals with them now to ensure they aren’t forced to overpay at the end of the season to keep them around. The 49ers’ cap space could be a curse as well as a blessing, as agents attempt to levy big deals for their players. The team should start negotiating as soon as possible if they think some of these players have a future as a 49er.

If CJ Beathard steps up in preseason, do we draft a QB/go after Cousins or back Beathard and pursue a playmaker in draft or free agency? – @49ersense

If it’s just in preseason and he struggles otherwise, I would certainly be looking to draft a QB or bring a free agent in.

However, if he looks like he’s developing well (and reports so far have been positive) then a few different factors come into play. How much of an upgrade would the drafted or free agent QB be on Beathard? Would a free agent quarterback’s contract hamper the ability of the team to re-sign other players in the future and thus weaken the team down the road? I personally would be inclined to stick with Beathard and Hoyer for another year unless a legitimate potential franchise quarterback fell into the lap of the team in Round 1.

Thinking much longer term, the best thing the 49ers could do might be wait until they have pieces established and signed long term, and then draft a quarterback who can play behind Beathard (or whoever) for a year before taking over the reins. So perhaps waiting two, three or even four years would be best and build the rest of the team first. The likelihood of that is slim however.

Tim Patrick is a big bodied receiver? Will he fill the needed void of a big, dominant receiver? – @49ersense

No. Patrick is an intriguing piece for sure, with a size-speed combination that sees him ace the eye-test. But he was undrafted for a reason – he isn’t a great route runner, has so-so hands and has a bad injury history.

Look for Patrick to be a practice squad candidate who needs time to develop into an NFL receiver. He is in the right place, but we need to be patient.

Is Joe Williams a t-shirt guy? He has fumbled in camp and had a fumble problem in college – Go Hard (YouTube account name)

Let’s hope not! Or some the aura surrounding Kyle Shanahan will diminish somewhat… But there’s little doubt that Williams needs to fumble less in the NFL – he had seven fumbles on 322 carries in college per PFF.

Teams will look to target it and he will have to work hard to ensure that he improves this side of his game. 49ers fans will not want to see him go the way of current Redskins’ running back Matt Jones, who saw himself out of the rotation last season due to his fumbling issues. I would expect Bobby Turner to be aware of Williams’ history and be attempting to rectify it.