Unless you are among a very select few, you won’t be trying out for an NFL franchise anytime soon. (And, if you are among those few, why are you reading this? Get up and get ready for OTAs, you slacker!) But who’s to say you couldn’t get in shape by working out in a facility that is chock-full of materials that rep your favorite team?

Within a few days, you can do that very thing. According to NinersNation, the San Francisco 49ers are teaming up with 24 Hour Fitness to create “49ers Fit” at the Westgate Center Outlet Mall in San Jose. It’s slated to open

on June 16th (this Saturday, for those of you who are on summer vacation and can’t keep track of what day it is — like me).

Want to see how you’d do running a 40-yard sprint? The place has you covered. Care to join a group class on yoga, core, or boxing? They will hook you up. How about good old-fashioned strength training, cardio, free weights, and power training? You know it.

Members are said to start at $49 per month (now there’s an inspired price tag) with no annual contract. They say there will be no enrollment fee when center opens June 16th, and the first few members (exact number not mentioned) will “be entered for a chance to win a VIP experience for the 49ers home opener of the 2018 season.”

I already have a gym membership, so I’m not shilling for this outfit, but for any 49ers fan looking for a gym in the Bay Area, it sounds like a good deal. Let The Teach know if you join up!

*Image credit: 49ers Communications*