At the start of every single week for the rest of football season, Nothing But Niners will be bringing you our very own NFL Power Rankings! Ali (@Aliyaz01) and Zach (@Zachhernan) will start off the season! While we are a 49ers fan site, we will still do our absolute best to bring you guys the best, unbiased opinions when ranking these teams. Also, we would love to hear your guys’ thoughts! Be sure to tweet at us how you feel, where we went wrong, where we went right, etc. At the end of the day, all of our content being put out is for one reason – to please you guys, the fans. So please, feel free to tweet at us either at our personal accounts (linked above) or the Nothing But Niners account – @Nothingbut9ers!

To the Power Rankings!

Nothing But Niners Power Rankings: Week 1

  1. New England Patriots – The acquisition of WRs Brandin Cooks and Phillip Dorsett put an already-elite offense just that much more over the edge.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers – Getting back perhaps the best running back in all of football – Le’Veon Bell and speedster Martavis Bryant help Big Ben tremendously. Also, Joe Haden might still have something in the tank for the Steel City.
  3. Atlanta Falcons – Even with the loss of OC Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons are still in great shape to dominate the NFC South.
  4. Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers finally gets a tight end as skilled as Martellus Bennett.
  5. New York Giants – The wide receiving corps on this team is just flat out ridiculous.
  6. Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks added an extremely talented defensive lineman named Sheldon Richardson this off-season, and I’m sure he just can’t wait to meet the NFC West QB’s.
  7. Dallas Cowboys – The likely suspension of Zeke drops the Cowboys a handful of spots here.
  8. Kansas City Chiefs – Even with the release of fan-favorites Jamaal Charles and Jeremy Maclin, the Chiefs are still in the top 10 due to a consistent Alex Smith.
  9. Oakland Raiders – Raiders are looking for a return to the playoffs, but this time with Derek Carr under center for the Silver & Black instead of Connor Cook. Perhaps Marshawn Lynch will help them get there.
  10. Tennessee Titans – We know the Titans might be a tad bit high here, but man does that offense look breathtaking on paper! We’ll see how they translate onto the field.
  11. Houston Texans – The Texans have a monstrous defense and one of the league’s top wideouts in DeAndre Hopkins (as evident by his massive contract extension), but will be forced to start QB Tom Savage until rookie Deshaun Watson steals the spot under center.
  12. Los Angeles Chargers – Where would the Chargers be without Phillip Rivers? Without him, they’re a bottom-10 team.
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – We really like what we’re seeing out of QB Jameis Winston, add in Desean Jackson to the mix, and we don’t doubt the Bucs fly up this list even further.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz is entering his second year under center and will get his RT back fully healthy (weird how people made that a thing on Twitter, right?) Plus, Torrey Smith will help take the top off defenses and rookie Derek Barnett is ready to wreak havoc in the NFL.
  15. Cincinnati Bengals – We’re extremely eager to see how rookie wide receiver John Ross will fare with the Red Rifle Andy Dalton throwing him the ball.
  16. Detroit Lions – The Lions are like the Chargers of the NFC – one good quarterback away from being a complete shit-show.
  17. Minnesota Vikings – Sam Bradford has played well enough to stay as the starter in Minnesota, even if Teddy Bridgewater does return fully healthy.
  18. Carolina Panthers – It wasn’t too long ago when the Panthers were in the Super Bowl facing off against The Sheriff himself, Peyton Manning. Crazy how fast things change, especially when you’re in the NFC South.
  19. Denver Broncos – The Broncos have almost elite-level talent at most of their important positions, except the one that matters the most – QB.
  20. New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees is getting up there in age. How much longer will he be able to loft it up 40-45 times a game? And will an aging Adrian Peterson help shoulder the load?
  21. Arizona Cardinals – Blaine Gabbert will lead the Cardinals to the Sup…. Sorry I must’ve fallen asleep while typing.
  22. Miami Dolphins – Even with Jay Cutler under center, this Dolphins roster is loaded with talent in more than a couple positions.
  23. Washington Redskins – A severely depleted wide receiver corps, especially when compared to last year. Will Kirk Cousins throw for 4k+ yards with only Terrelle Pryor to throw to?
  24. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers’ stock is as high as it’s been in a very, very long time… and yet they’re still all the way down to #24. A massive rebuild is taking place in Santa Clara guys, we just have to be patient with this one.
  25. Baltimore Ravens – Injuries were a massive factor in deciding where to place the Ravens and until they can prove they’re able to stay healthy, they’ll keep getting put near the bottom.
  26. Indianapolis Colts – Again, starting off the season with Scott Tolzien under center and not Andrew Luck is less than ideal, to say the least.
  27. Buffalo Bills – The Bills traded away their most skilled wide receiver in Sammy Watkins and even though he was often injured, who is their go-to-guy now?
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars – It’s hard, we want to like you Jacksonville, we really do! The potential is there just waiting to be seized by Bortles & the Gang.
  29. Cleveland Browns – Hue Jackson & this year’s #1 overall pick, Myles Garrett, have the Browns on an upward trajectory for what feels like the first time in ages.
  30. Los Angeles Rams – It’s a shame a player as talented as Aaron Donald has to spend his prime on a team as bad as the Rams.
  31. Chicago Bears – It was a toss up between the Bears & Jets for the last two spots, but we figured at least the Bears potentially have their next franchise quarterback in Trubisky, which is more than the Jets can say.
  32. New York Jets – Um, excuse me, your tanking is showing.