Live: 49ers vs Seattle Over Reaction show!!!

Nick and Mike talk about the OT win for the 49ers against our hated division foe the seattle seahawks! Come join us!!!

LIVE: 49ers vs Broncos Overreaction Show

The #49ers finally get a win and it comes against the Denver Broncos. A dominant performance by a few players and position groups, a shaky 2nd half and some questionable decisions down the stretch leaves us with a few things to talk about!

49ers Broncos Pregame Match-up Talk

The #49ers are home to take on the Denver #Broncos and there's a few things to discuss.

State of the Niners 12/5

Dillon is back with your weekly update, some roster moves, and the injury report.

🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨 #49ers Sign LS Colin Holba

In lieu of LS Kyle Nelson being suspended the next 10 games, the #49ers were forced to sign a new long snapper. Colin Holba was brought in to fill that position, but for how long?

Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers vs Seahawks

📢PLEASE FORGIVE THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES📢 The San Francisco #49ers travel north to Seattle to take on the #Seahawks. The 49ers have not beat the Seahawks in Seattle since 2011! What was once a fun-to-watch rivalry has seemed more like going to the dentist to get teeth pulled (from a 49ers fan's perspective). Is there any chance there could be an upset between two teams trending in opposite directions? Mike and Christina talk about it all here! Follow Christina on twitter and Instagram: @SeahawksFGSN Christina's final score prediction: 30-13 in favor of the Seahawks. Mike's final score prediction 28-17 Seahawks (sorry faithfuls)

Live: State of the Niners 11/28/18

Nick brings you the latest news from the week about our beloved 49ers going into week 12

Live: 49ers vs Buccaneers Over reaction Show

Nick, Mike and Tony discuss the game today and our over reactions of the game today

BREAKING NEWS: The #49ers Have Released Reuben Foster

Following last night's accusation of domestic violence in Florid, the Sa Francisco 49ers have decided to cut linebacker Reuben Foster. The altercation happened around 9:00pm at the Hyatt hotel in Florida. Police arrived on the scene at 9:10pm and arrested Foster. He was held at Hillsborough County jail until his hearing around 8:00am where he was given a bail of only $2000. The team released the linebacker around 8:30am

BREAKING NEWS: Reuben Foster Arrested Again For Domestic Violence

Foster was arrested in Florida for DV and we talk about it all. The story is still unfolding but what we've gathered so far is that the victim is someone that Foster has had history with for over 3 years. According to Foster's social media pages, he has a new girlfriend that did indeed travel with him to this game. Foster is currently being held in Hillsborough County jail. He wasn't able to post bail because he can't see a judge until 7:30am (Nov 25th, 2018)