49ers: #2 Draft pick possibilites (Pass Rusher Edition)

In this video NBN shows you four guys that could be drafted by the niners at #2 overall, in this weeks video we are highlighting Pass Rushers. Keep your eyes out for the next video

49ers: Possible Cap Savings

With the season of Free Agency approaching, the 49ers have just over 63 Million as it stands now. These are some ways they could save and add more cap space money.

49ers: The Quest

The Quest for six continues in 2019, will this be the year the niners break top 10 in defense? Will the quest for six end in 2019? Go Niners!!

49ers: We're Coming in 2019!

SEPT 2019 THE 49ERS WILL SILENCE THE HATERS, Hit the like and subscribe button if you're excited for the 2019 season!!!

BREAKING RUMORS: 49ers Are Hiring And We Talk About It All

Nick, Tony and Mike talk about to rumored hires that are happening within the organization and they answer some of the Twitter questions as well

Position Breakdown WR and Senior Bowl Interviews

The fellas breakdown the interviews first. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan were in satellite radio and they shared some thoughts on the competition and the team. We will listen and react. There were a few players that stood out to the guys so they will tell you who they are and shed some quick insight. Following that, they move on to their discussions about the team. In a breakdown of the entire roster, they tackle the Wide Receiver group today. Who is staying, who is going and who is needed?

Live: Kicking it with NB9ers weekly question segment

Wanna Ask Nb9ers some questions? Come Join us live now as Nick and Tony are live with their feedback on your questions. Will also open the phone lines as well!! Once Phone Lines are open you may call in to ask your question @ 628-888-3443

Live: 49ers Talk

Nick and Anthony talk all things 49ers with fans from all over the world. Make sure to subscribe, set your bell for notifications and follow us on all of our social media platforms as well. You can find them at nothingbutniners.com

NB9ers Mailbag Q&A

Mike Tony and Anthony tackle a few questions concerning the 49ers' fan base. Thank you to all those who contributed to the questions!

BREAKING NEWS: The 49ers Lose More Coaches From Staff

There has been another member of the #49ers staff poached today! This time, by the Green Bay #Packers. The crew will discuss who it was, and what it means for the team going forward. Will there be any replacements? Are the #49ers now in "scramble mode" or nah?