49ers News & Discussion

The Team is back once again to talk some more 49ers News and just some 49ers Chit Chat. Nick, Mike, and Fan Favorite Wayne Breezy are here to talk all things 49ers with the Faithful!!

49ers Talk

Team is back to talk about the earlier interview with Damontre Moore, and we will also let yall sound off on tonights show! See you there

Special Guest Damontre Moore Joins

Whats going on faithfuls! The off-season program is in full swing and the #NB9ers crew are happy to announce our first guest. DE Damontre Moore will be stopping by for a few minutes to chat with the fellas. If you want to say something to the guest, be sure to type your messages. ***THEY WILL NOT BE READ DURING THE SHOW BUT WILL APPEAR ON THE SCREEN AS WE INTERVIEW HIM***

Draft Talk and Updates

The guys get together to do some draft talk and you should join them!

Niners Frenzy

The team was active again today with some new additions, making some moves official and much more! The crew pulls up their seats to the round table and they talk all things 49ers. The COVID-19 has caused things to change in the world, but could it have a bigger impact on the 49ers than any other team in the NFL? Mike thinks so and will explain it tonight! Let's have at it!

49ers: Favorite Free Agent

The news cycle has seemed to slow down but that won't stop the fellas at Nothing But Niners. We will discuss all the latest whispers (yes, even the obviously false ones), as well as get into a little "fantasy" football .

Mike's Musings: WR Position

Mike is solo for a brief show. When you see "Mike's Musings," just know it's him alone and only for the duration of his cigar. Sit back and enjoy. Be sure you write comments as he'll be listening/reading attentively! #49ers #NB9ers

Filling The Void

As the puzzle starts to come together, the fellas are tasked with identifying the missing pieces and then fixing it. Today, they tackle what the loss of Deforest Buckner means and what the #49ers could do to fill that void. The will also pick another position of need and make a few suggestions to correct them. Up until now, the team was left with little cap space and only the 31st pick to work with. Things have changed and so will the discussion!

Breaking News

Free Agency Frenzy

49ers Updates and Discussions

The team is back to talk more about the new league year and what some of these moves means for the 49ers going into the 2020-21 NFL League year.