Week 7 49ers vs Patriots Full Game Review

The fellas have had a chance to dwell on the outcome of the game. And just as if the 49ers had lost, the guys will hold no punches! Where can we get better? What went wrong? What went right? And as usual, which injuries from this week's game will hurt us most?

Week 7 49ers vs Patriots Full Game Overreaction Show

The San Francisco 49ers had their backs against the wall, in what Wayne described as a "must-win" game. The New England Patriots were coming off of what most called their least impressive game in the last 5 seasons. Both coaching staffs have had to overcome some very unusual Both fan bases were questioning the talent of their QB.

Week 7 49ers vs Patriots Halftime Show

The 49ers have started this week almost exactly how they did last week, except Robbie Gould has shown he IS mortal this season. The team has overcome turnover(s), generated one of their own, and have a new starting RB in town! The fella discuss it all now.

Week 7 49ers vs Patriots Pregame Show

The fellas are back together bring you their final thoughts prior to kickoff. Both the 49ers and Patriots have made roster moves since we last spoke and the guys will reflect on those moves and if they impact the game. Will this be a "get-right-game" for the Patriots, who played a very unimpressive game last week? Will the 49ers be able to overcome even more losses suffered throughout the week? Let's discuss!

Week 7 49ers vs Patriots Preview

The guys are here to bring you the latest news and also a preview the upcoming game against the Patriots. The team has lost more players and the opponents aren't getting any easier. Or are they? Let's discuss!

🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨 49ers Trade Alert

Trade: #Jets are trading LB Jordan Willis to the #49ers, per NFL Network. The former #Bengals' 3rd-round pick has been active for two games this season. Compensation update: The #49ers traded a sixth-round pick in 2022 to the #Jets for Jordan Willis and a seventh-round pick in 2021, per source.

Week 6 Rams vs 49ers Full Game Review

The guys are back to review the film. The emotions have worn off and it's time to reflect on the game without bias. What silly play(s) will they argue about? Who will Mike randomly beef with on the roster? Who will Nick say didn't do that well while everyone else thinks they did? How many times will Breezy say "well that's not how I took it!"? Who will Brian show just how stubborn he is to tonight? Get your bingo cards ready and let's see who wins it tonight!

Week 6 Rams vs 49ers Full Game Overreaction Show

There were a lot of things that went right in order for this 49ers team to emerge with a victory... but there were some things that could have went better. Plenty of highs, plenty of lows and a lot more in between. The guys take a look at what could have went better in a win in week 6. The 49ers led tonight from start to finish and were never really in danger of losing this match, but is this as good as it gets? Let's all OVERREACT and talk about it together? Who will win Nick's Nightstick Hit? Who will win Breezy's Most Hype Player? Who will win Mike's Burner? They crew breaks it all down here!

Week 6 Rams vs 49ers Halftime Show

The team seems to be doing well. There still has to be adjustments and more needs to happen before we can declare this team back to true form. How are things going so far? What are some pro's and con's so far? What changes do we want to see in the 2nd half? The fellas break it all down in this week 6 halftime report!

Week 6 Rams vs 49ers Pregame Show

The 49ers are in desperate need for some luck and an uptick in skill. They have been struggling to look average. The last few weeks have left the faithfuls wondering if they have the right QB. We have been wondering if our head coach should give up play calling duties. Have we given enough credit to Robert Saleh and the defensive staff? Or have we given them too much? How do the 49ers match up against this high powered Los Angeles Rams team? You get a breakdown here and a few bold predictions that you won't want to miss!