BREAKING NEWS: Trent Williams

Trent Williams deal has been restructured

Wild Out Wednesday: Fan Interaction

The guys are back at it again and this time they will be debating with each other (or at least that's Mike's plan). Let's have fun!

NBN Presents: Spotlight Sunday

Today's show features one of the 49ers Phenoms, Fred Warner Jr. Tune in as the guys put the spotlight on this 49er.

Freestyle Friday Show

The Boys are back to bring you their top 10 highlights of a player voted on by you the fans. Tune in and chat with the NBN crew for a Power Hour of football fun.

49ers Fan Interaction Show

The fellas are back and so are you! Tonight, the guys have a wild-out Wednesday show that is dedicated to the faithfuls and haters alike! Tonight you will be able to call in or appear in the video and share your thoughts. We haven't really heard from the masses since the Superbowl so that all changes today! The latest news will be discussed and much much more! You won't want to miss this one!

The Bourne Identity

Tune in to watch the fellas talk about Kendrick Bourne's Reign as a 49ers.

"Who You Rollin' Wit"

The boys are back to discuss who made their 49ers lists.

Safety Situation

Earl Thomas Vs. Jimmie Ward. Tune in as the NBN Panel discuss this new intriguing Rumor.

2020 Schedule Release Discussion

The team is back to diagnose the 2020 SF 49ers Schedule. How many Primetime games did the 49ers end up with, when will the home opener be? We find all of that out here on this show and diagnose it all tonight!!

2020 Schedule Prediction

The Team is back to discuss the 49ers 2020 Schedule. We will try to predict the games and the prime time games on this episode. We will also bring you all 49ers related news and updates as well. Hit that Like and Subscribe button now!