49ers Sign Daniel Kilgore To A Three Year Deal

**Breaking News** The 49ers announced yesterday that the re-signed pending free agent Daniel Kilgore. We were waiting for contract details to emerge but since 24 hours have passed and the team hasn't released details, so here we are. Ian Rapoport reported that its in the area of 12 million for the three years and about 7 million guaranteed. http://www.nothingbutniners.com/49ers/49ers-announce-three-year-contract-extension-with-center-daniel-kilgore/

NB9ers Talk FA Edge Rushers

Nick and Scott talk about the potential Edge rushers that we think could fit this 49ers system and who we would go after in Free Agency and try to land.

NB9ers Talk 2018 NFL Draft Edge Rushers

Nick and Scott break down their likes and dislikes of those Edge Rushers entering the 2018 Draft. What should the 49ers do and who should they take?

NB9ers Talk 49ers Solomon Thomas

Nick and Scott talk about Solomon Thomas and his first year in the NFL, as well as if we thought he was worth the #3 overall in pick in the 2017 Draft as well as if we are excited to see him and what he has in store for this upcoming year!

49ers George Kittle Rookie Season Highlights (Nothing But Niners)

49ers TE George Kittle had a decent Rookie Season, watch as we take you back thru that season. Im excited to see what George brings to the team in his second year in the nfl and under kyle shannahan! Lets take a stroll back down memory lane as we watch Kittle's First year in the NFL.

49ers Ahkello Witherspoon 2017 Rookie Highlights (Nothing But Niners)

Ahkello Witherspoon Rookie Season Highlight Reel, Ahkello came along way in his rookie season and looks very promising. In this highlight I have compiled some of his college and NFL plays. Ahkello had a standout first season in the NFL, looking forward to seeing him on the field next season!

49ers Marquise Goodwin 2017 Highlights (Nothing But Niners)

Highlights of Marquise and his first year with the 49ers, This year Goodwin has shown us and the 49ers that he is not a one hit wonder. I also think he will strive under this offense with a full year of Jimmy G at the Steering wheel and a full year of knowing the whole playbook as well, hope you enjoy this video, and make sure to hit that subscribe button!

49ers 2018 Free Agency Needs (CBs)

Mike and Eric discuss one of the most needed positions on the team: Corner-back The team had a rough turn-around with the position and a rookie surprise emerged from the ashes. But that's not enough. The fellas will discuss what will happen during free agency and who the niners should target, check out the latest piece by Mike Messner on Free Agent CBs As well here 👇🏻 Free Agency Preview Part 1: Cornerback Options http://www.nothingbutniners.com/49ers/free-agency-preview-part-1-cornerback-options/

49ers DeForest Buckner Highlight Reel 2017 (Nothing But Niners)

49ers DeForest Buckner Highlights, Buck had an excellent season this year and his talent level in year two skyrocketed, what will year 3 bring for the young kid. This new system had def helped along with the coaching staff in place and this will be the first time in buckners nfl career where he will be returning to the same head coach and defensive coordinator, im EXCITED to see what he is going to bring into 2018 nfl year

BREAKING NEWS: 49ers Reuben Foster Arrested Again!

Reports are out on Reuben Foster being arrested again, only this time in the state if calfornia. Reuben was arrested last month also for allegations of marijuana. This time the charges are a little more hefty and are being reported as Domestic Violence and posession of a assault Rifle Nick and Mike talk about what they think this will do to reuben career as not only a 49er but possibly his nfl career.