We’re officially halfway through the 2017-2018 NFL season Faithful! Let’s check out where all 32 teams stack up after week 8, heading into week 9.

*The +/- are based off where each team stood last week.*

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (+1): The Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL currently, hands down. Their defensive-line is as good as any team’s in the league, if not better. The acquisition of former-Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi just makes them that much better. Head coach Doug Pederson is obviously preparing his squad for a deep-postseason run, and we all can see why.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (-1): The Chiefs fall a spot, but are still one of the teams to beat in the AFC right now. Alex Smith is playing lights-out this season, but the defense hasn’t returned any favors. The Chiefs will have to tighten up their defense in order to finish out the season strong.
  3. New England Patriots (+1): The Patriots are still very good at football, what else is new? Tom Brady appears to be winning the fight against Father Time — at least for now. Let’s hope TB12 doesn’t go down with an injury anytime soon, as they are now without Jimmy Garoppolo.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (+2): The Steelers appear to be winning games this season in spite of Big Ben’s play. The demotion of WR Martavis Bryant is certainly not something you’d want if you’re Mike Tomlin or Big Ben.
  5. Seattle Seahawks (+10): The Seahawks move back into 1st place in the NFC West, sitting one game atop of the Los Angeles Rams. It will be fun to watch which of the two teams finish the season on top. Russell Wilson absolutely lit up the Texans last week.
  6. New Orleans Saints (+4): The Saints appear to be emerging as a real threat to the rest of the NFC South this season. Like the Chiefs, the Saints will also need to tighten up their defensive unit to have any real chance of postseason success.
  7. Dallas Cowboys (+5): I’m sure Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott, or any Cowboys fans won’t be complaining, but man is this Zeke Vs NFL suspension battle getting really old. It’s not a good look for the NFL at all either.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars (-5): The Jaguars seem to still be missing that one piece, perhaps a real franchise QB?
  9. Minnesota Vikings (-1): With Aaron Rodgers going down for the season, the Vikings are taking full advantage — even with Case Keenum under center. Also, Teddy Bridgewater should be returning soon.
  10. Los Angeles Rams (-3): The rest of the 2017 season will be a real test to see what this Rams team is really made of. Have they really turned a corner, or will they fall and crumble down the final stretch as we’ve seen the Rams teams of recently do.
  11. Carolina Panthers (-3): The Panthers have a lot of holes on this team, and I’m not sure which hole trading away Kelvin Benjamin fills? After all, Cam Newton can only do so much.
  12. Detroit Lions (-3): Detroit has not only lost three straight games, but also four out of the last five. Teams are finding out the key to getting to QB Matthew Stafford is to apply pressure, and lots of it.
  13. Atlanta Falcons (+3): The Falcons look to be in good shape at the halfway point, but they now face the toughest schedule of any team for the remaining nine weeks. Let’s see what QB Matt Ryan really has in him.
  14. Denver Broncos (+3): The Broncos really need to figure out their QB situation. As bad as Trevor Siemian has been, it’s hard to believe Paxton Lynch could be any worse. The defense deserves better from their offensive-counterparts.
  15. Washington Redskins (-4): Washington is unable to beat any team that is over .500. Perhaps the 49ers made the right choice in going with Jimmy Garoppolo over Kirk Cousins.
  16. New York Jets (+6): Like I’ve said before, somebody tell the Jets they’re supposed to be tanking!
  17. Houston Texans (-4): The loss of rookie QB Deshaun Watson hurts Houston a lot. Watson was absolutely tearing it up this season, and now the Texans will roll with a place-holder for the rest of the season. Wishing DW a speedy recovery!
  18. Buffalo Bills (-13): The Bills did it again — fooled us into thinking they’re actually a good team.
  19. Oakland Raiders (+4): It really doesn’t make much sense for these Raiders to be this bad. They took a huge step back from last year, and it’s extremely discouraging to see.
  20. Tennessee Titans (-1): The Titans are so hot and cold this season, it’s ridiculous. They don’t have an identity, like at all.
  21. Green Bay Packers (-3): Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers is irreplaceable to the Packers. No Rodgers = no success.
  22. Los Angeles Chargers (-1): QB Phillip Rivers really deserves a better end to his career, it’s a shame to see him fizzle out on bad Chargers teams year after year. 
  23. Chicago Bears (-3): The Bears have to supply rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky with as many more weapons on offense as possible. Outside of RB Jordan Howard, who are the building blocks moving forward for the Bears?
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1): What a disappointment Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers have been this season. The entire NFL was expecting the Bucs to take a huge step forward and be the team to beat coming out of the NFC South, but that certainly hasn’t happened.
  25. Miami Dolphins (+2): The Dolphins are ranked last in points scored per game at 13.1. This was thought of as a high-powered offense entering this season.
  26. Baltimore Ravens (+/- 0): What exactly is the plan in place in Baltimore? It’s hard to see from the outside looking in, that’s for sure. Will they finally move on from QB Joe Flacco?
  27. San Francisco 49ers (+2): Even though San Francisco still hasn’t won a game this season, the acquisition of QB Jimmy Garoppolo is so huge it bumps them up two spots in our rankings. The trade allows the 49ers to get a head start on other QB-needy teams, and allows them to see which other spots need to be addressed severely in next year’s draft.
  28. Arizona Cardinals (+4): Drew Stanton is starting the rest of the season for Arizona. No more needs to be said.
  29. Indianapolis Colts (+2): The Colts represent a real threat — to the 49ers and Browns regarding the NFL’s #1 pick in the 2018 Draft.
  30. Cincinnati Bengals (-6): The Bengals look to be getting things rolling, but I’m calling it right now — the wheels will fall off. They face a tough remaining schedule, and I just don’t think they have it in them.
  31. New York Giants (-1): Eli Manning has nobody left to throw to! (If he can even get the ball there without it being intercepted).
  32. Cleveland Browns (-4): The Browns will always be the Browns. Need I say more?