First of all, we’d like to apologize for NB9ers Power Rankings not going up for a few weeks due to some technical difficulties. We’re glad to be back this week and I had my man Mike Andrews (@49ersMike_NF) join me and help get these Power Rankings back in order.

*Please keep in mind that the +/- are referring to our last Power Rankings, which was week 5.*

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (+/- 0): Despite the referees giving the last game to Oakland, the Chiefs remain the best team in the entire NFL. Alex Smith and Andy Reid are gelling at the perfect time.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (+1):That Eagles defense is clicking, and even though Philadelphia lost Jason Peters for the season, their backup is still a legitimate starting tackle in the NFL. Look for the Eagles dominance to continue Sunday against the 49ers.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars (+20): The Jaguars are quite the confusing bunch, as they show up one week, but vanish the next. However, the fact remains that no offense in the NFL right now wants to face this Jacksonville defense.
  4. New England Patriots (+2):The Patriots have shown some weaknesses, but Brady has proven time and time again that he is in fact able to overcome any weakness, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.
  5. Buffalo Bills (+3):  The Bills seem to be legit this year. Can they maintain it for once?
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (-6): Big Ben wants to retire, but the Steelers just keep on winning.
  7. Los Angeles Rams (+/- 0): HC Sean McVay has this Rams offense firing on all cylinders for the first time in years. The defense is coming into their own under the leadership of the great Wade Phillips.
  8. Minnesota Vikings (+7): The Vikings defense is good enough to keep them in any game this year, even with QBs like Case Keenum under center.
  9. Detroit Lions (+7): The Lions are better than what their record shows. This defense is good for a touchdown just about every week it seems.
  10. New Orleans Saints (+4): Drew Brees isn’t going to change, but this advantageous defense seems to be doing their part to contribute to the team’s success for the first time since their Superbowl run.
  11. Washington Redskins (+6): Even with a loss against one of the league’s better teams (Eagles), Washington remains a viable threat in the NFC.
  12. Dallas Cowboys (-3): The Cowboys appear to be gathering some speed now as they pass midway of the season. They certainly were feeling themselves when they put a beat down on the 49ers last Sunday, 40-10.
  13. Houston Texans (-3): The Texans are playing well, and they will only continue to get better as rookie QB Deshaun Watson continues to develop his pro game.
  14. Carolina Panthers (-3): The Panthers seem to have built a home along the mediocre line in the NFL. We’re all still waiting on them to finally turn the corner. 
  15. Seattle Seahawks (+4): The Seahawks appear to still continue from dumb luck, and remain the beneficiary of numerous bad calls by the refs. 
  16. Atlanta Falcons (-3): Julio Jones is a man amongst boys, and it shows. The Falcons defense is starting to sure up their loose ends, watch out NFC South.
  17. Denver Broncos (-12): The Broncos appeared to have simply overlooked the Giants on Sunday night. New York was able to leave with their first win of the season against Vance Joseph’s Broncos.
  18. Green Bay Packers (-16): Even with the huge drop that comes with the loss of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers still seem to be in somewhat okay shape. Their season all rests on the shoulders of Brett Hundley, but GB apparently feels comfortable enough to roll with him.
  19. Tennessee Titans (-1): The Titans overcame a handful of their own mistakes and still came out victorious Monday night. This team just doesn’t look ready to make the jump to become a real threat in the AFC. 
  20. Chicago Bears (+5): RB Jordan Howard totaled a whopping 167 yards on 36 carries. He looks to be the perfect back to pair with promising rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky.
  21. Los Angeles Chargers (+7): The Chargers managed to scrape out a win against the Oakland Raiders. RB Melvin Gordon totaled 150 yards from scrimmage, and looks to be hitting his stride at the perfect time for the team.
  22. New York Jets (+5): The Jets were supposed to be tanking this year, but they apparently didn’t get the memo. They fought very hard against the New England Patriots, but ultimately lost. QB Josh McCown does not look ready to hang up his cleats just yet.
  23. Oakland Raiders (-3): QB Derek Carr has brought some life back into this offense, but the defense is so bad, as well as that expensive offensive-line.
  24. Cincinnati Bengals (+/- 0): It was a tough one between Oakland and Cincinnati, but in the end I think Cincinnati would win in a shoot-out. 
  25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-13): Tampa’s defense is up and down unfortunately, but man does that offense have the potential to be as explosive as any in the league.
  26. Baltimore Ravens (-5): The Ravens have yet to find their groove, but the beating they put on Miami cannot go unnoticed.
  27. Miami Dolphins (+5): The Dolphins defensive-line manned by Suh and Wake is totally legit, but their offensive struggles worry me. 
  28. Cleveland Browns (+2): Although they are one of only two winless teams left in the NFL, the teams below are in worse shape.
  29. San Francisco 49ers (+/- 0): The other winless team in the NFL, the 49ers. Although they’re still looking for their first W, they remain competitive down to the final seconds in just about every game this season. They are also ran by the best mind in all of the game, Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers look to be only a few key pieces away from finally having things click for them.
  30. New York Giants (+1): The New York Giants have the worst offensive-line in the entire league and a defense that was living off of last year’s hype. They unfortunately just do not have anything close to what it takes. 
  31. Indianapolis Colts (-5): Sure, the Colts beat our 49ers, but they had the benefit of going up against them with incumbent QB Brian Hoyer at the helm. That alone makes a world of difference in my books. The Colts are the second worst team in the NFL.
  32. Arizona Cardinals (-10): The return of RB David Johnson is one thing. The ability to deliver a deep ball to the Brown brothers or Nelson is something else. Arizona’s defense is straight Swiss cheese.