At least the 49ers didn’t lose another game by three points or less?

Box Score:

10-40 – Loss

Offensive Report:

  • QB CJ Beathard (1st career start): 22/38, 235 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 1 FMBL (1 rushing TD)
  • RB Carlos Hyde:14 attempts, 68 yards (long of 16)
  • WR Marquise Goodwin: 4 receptions, 80 yards (long of 48)

Defensive Standouts:

  • CB Dontae Johnson: 6 tackles
  • S Jimmie Ward: 6 tackles
  • DL DeForest Buckner: 5 tackles

Game Summary:

Talk about getting out of hand quickly! The 49ers blinked and seemed to instantaneously find themselves down 0-14 at home just like that. This team is just not built to fight back from a large deficit, former-starting QB Brian Hoyer told you that himself. The 49ers opened up the game by winning the coin toss, but deferring the ball until the second half. The defense came out strong, even forced the Dallas offense into a three-and-out on their opening drive. However, PR Trent Taylor was not able to come away cleanly with the punt from Dallas on the 49ers first possession, and DAL DB Xavier Woods recovered the ball at the SF 26.

This fumble-recovery by Dallas absolutely killed whatever momentum the 49ers had manufactured by making their offense go three-and-out on their opening drive. Now, the Cowboys were already essentially in the 49ers’ end zone.It only took three plays before Zeke was able to power through the middle of the 49ers defense, in for the score. The 49ers would answer with a drive of their own that lasted all of three plays, and ended in a Pinion punt (drink).

Penalties. They are the secondary story running alongside this year’s 49ers, and boy, they came ready to play on Sunday. There were a plethora of questionable calls on the 49ers defense that allowed the Cowboys offense to stay on the field, drive-extenders if you may. We can only imagine just how much life is sucked out of you when you think you’ve forced the opposing offense off the field, only to see the yellow marker on the ground and hear the ref say those dreaded words, “Automatic first-down!”

On a 3rd & 7 (when this game was still a one-score game), SF CB Rashard Robinson was again flagged for defensive pass-interference, when in reality, DAL WR Bryce Butler was the one initiating contact.


The very next play, the Cowboys again ran it in with Zeke for a 25-yard score.The 49ers were able to drive back down the field after that score, but were only able to muster a field goal.

The 49ers quickly found themselves in a huge hole, one which they were not able to dig themselves out of. With a rookie under center and a defense still trying to find it’s identity, it is simply too tall of an order for this team. Rookie QB CJ Beathard was able to run a score in on the ground, pulling the game a tad bit closer in the end, 10-40.


Side Note: A few of us from NB9ers were able to meet up for the first time at this game! Nick, Mike, & Zach (myself) had a blast Sunday (even though the 49ers were obliterated) meeting up with all the fellow Faithful!

Injury Report:

  • RT Trent Brown – concussion
  • CB Dontae Johnson – undisclosed
  • CB K’Waun Williams – quad injury
  • CB Rashard Robinson – abdomen injury
  • LB Reuben Foster – rib injury