Box Score:

21-24 W

Offensive Report: 


  • Jimmy Garoppolo: 3/6, 34 yards. 5.7 AVG 67.4 RTG
  • CJ Beathard: 10/20, 181 yards. 9.1 AVG. 1 INT. 60.6 RTG
  • Nick Mullens: 11/13, 141 yards. 10.8 AVG. 1 TD. 1 INT. 105.5 RTG


  • Raheem Mostert: 8 CAR, 57 yards. 7.1 AVG. 1 FUM. Long: 23
  • Joe Williams: 11 CAR, 27 yards. 2.5 AVG. 1 TD. Long: 15
  • Jeremy McNichols: 3 CAR, 15 yards. 5.0 AVG. 1 TD. Long: 9
  • Matt Breida: 1 CAR, 3 yards. Long: 2
  • Jerick McKinnon: 3 CAR, -4 yards. Long: 2


  • Victor Bolden Jr: 3 REC on 5 targets, 54 yards. 18 AVG. Long: 24
  • Dante Pettis: 1 REC on 4 targets, 53 yards.
  • Richie James: 4 REC on 5 targets, 46 yards. 11.5 AVG. 1 TD. Long: 21
  • Ross Dwelley: 3 REC on 3 targets, 44 yards. 14.7 AVG. Long: 26
  • Aldrick Robinson: 1 REC on 4 targets, 33 yards.
  • Kendrick Bourne: 3 REC on 3 targets, 31 yards. 10.3 AVG. Long: 18
  • Steven Dunbar: 2 REC on 2 targets, 23 yards. 11.5 AVG. Long: 11.5
  • Marquise Goodwin: 1 REC on 3 targets, 18 yards.
  • Cole Hikutini: 1 REC on 1 target, 18 yards.


Defensive Report:

  • Elijah Lee: 7 total tackles
  • Korey Toomer: 4 total tackles (2 TFL)
  • Chanceller James: 4 total tackles (1 TFL)
  • Pita Taumoepenu: 3 total tackles
  • Jullian Taylor: 3 total tackles (1 TFL), 1 sack

*Stats per ESPN*

Game Summary:


The beginning of the 2018-2019 season did not go as planned for the San Francisco 49ers. Well, at least the very, very beginning. The Dallas Cowboys came into town looking to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the NFC early on, and for the most part – their starters did just that. Although Solomon Thomas and DeForest Buckner teamed up for a sack early on, Dak Prescott still lead the Cowboys’ first-team offense down the field on their opening drive. Their first possession happened to end with 49ers CB Jimmie Ward getting burnt by rookie WR Michael Gallup for a 30-yard score.

The 49ers’ first possession was largely uneventful – with Jimmy Garoppolo completing 3/6 for 34 yards (including a beautiful pass to Goodwin for a first down). However, the drive would stall out and force the 49ers to punt, ending Jimmy G’s night.

After trading punts back and forth, the 49ers seemed to be finally hitting their stride and putting together a nice drive. CJ Beathard came in for Garoppolo and was able to drive the ball all the way down to the Cowboys’ 15-yardline with a great pass and better catch by vet Aldrick Robinson. Unfortunately, the very next play resulted in a tipped pass being intercepted by the Cowboys, putting that 49ers’ drive to bed early. This is also around when the injury bug hit San Francisco – Matt Breida and Gary Gilliam were injured and done for the evening.

The Cowboys would come back and drive the ball from their own 27-yardline down to the 49ers’ 1, and although the 49ers’ defensive line held them on 1st and 2nd down, they were able to punch it in with Bo Scarbrough on 3rd & 1. The score was 14-0 with 4:04 left in the 1st half.

The 49ers started their next drive at their own 15-yardline, and after a few careless penalties called on the Cowboys, they were on the move! After a pass to Hikutini across the middle for 18 yards and a screen pass to Richie James for 21 yards, the 49ers were now at the Dallas 35 yardline! A pass-interference called on the Cowboys secondary gave the 49ers a 1st & goal at the Cowboys’ 7-yardline. Two plays later and Joe Williams punched it in! The score was now 14-7 with :10 left in the 1st half!

After the Cowboys took a knee on the ensuing drive to run out the clock, the teams went into halftime 14-7 with Dallas in the lead. However, the 49ers would receive the ball to start the 2nd half thanks to deferring the opening kickoff.

The 49ers would take their opening drive of the 2nd half 63 yards on 6 plays — largely due to CJ Beathard hooking up with Dante Pettis for a 53-yard gain! Although the drive stalled out within the Cowboys’ 10-yardline, forcing the 49ers to bring K Robbie Gould out to kick a short field goal. The score was now 14-10 DAL with 12:46 left in the 3rd quarter.

Two possesions (and punts later), the Cowboys were being lead up the field by backup QB C. Rush. With passes of 13, 31, & 11 yards, Dallas was already knocking on the door to score again. A ‘lowering the head to initiate contact’ penalty was called on 49ers rookie LB Elijah Lee, setting the Cowboys up at the SF 2-yardline. Two plays later and Rush was connecting with WR Lenoir for the short touchdown pass. The score was now 21-10 DAL with 3:39 left in the 3rd quarter.

The next 49ers drive was off to a promising start — RB Raheem Mostert bullied his way along the sideline for a 23-yard gain! Unfortunately for SF, the good luck would run out very soon. A few plays later, Mostert fumbled and the Cowboys recovered on their own 28-yardline. However, their ensuing drive would stall out with a three-and-out.

The 49ers got the ball back and 3rd-stringer Nick Mullens quickly connected with WR Victor Bolden Jr for a gain of 19. A Joe Williams run for 15 yards set SF up near midfield near the end of the 3rd quarter. However, a few plays later Mullens’ pass intended for Bolden Jr was intercepted by the Cowboys, who returned the ball 10 yards to the SF 47. The Cowboys’ ensuing drive went 13 yards on 7 plays, only to end in a missed field goal attempt!

The 49ers got the ball back at their own 42-yardline with 8:00 left in the 4th quarter. Mullens connected with Bolden Jr once again for 11 yards, taking the 49ers down to the DAL 47. A few plays later, SF was facing a 4th & 2 at the DAL 39-yardline with 6:47 left in the game! This is the scenario rookies dream of being in — a chance to prove their worth to the coaches and staff. Well, Nick Mullens did just that — connecting with Bolden Jr yet again! This time, Mullens aired it out along the sideline, allowing Bolden Jr to go up and fight for the ball — which he did! He came down with the pass for a gain of 24 yards, setting the 49ers up with a 1st down at the DAL 15-yardline! Three Jeremy McNichols runs later, and the 49ers were punching it into the endzone once again! They would fail the two-point conversion attempt, so the score was now 21-16 DAL with 4:24 left in the game.

Dallas would have the ball on their ensuing drive for only 2:17, and would be forced to punt at the two-minute warning! The 49ers actually had the chance to put themselves in position to win this game!

Mullens confidently lead the offense back onto the field, starting what would be their final drive of the night at their own 23-yardline with 1:40 left in the game. He quickly connected with McNichols and Dunbar for gains of 9 and 14, setting the 49ers up at the SF 26. Then, Mullens hit TE R. Dwelley with a laser pass for 26 yards, moving SF up to the DAL 35! He would go on to connect with WR Kendrick Bourne on two consecutive passes for 4 and 9 yards. After a holding penalty called on the Cowboys’ defense, the 49ers were set up with a 1st & goal at the DAL 7-yardline.

Mullens took the snap, dropped back, and hit WR Richie James (R) on a slant route for the score! James took a big hit, but managed to come down with the ball and maintain possession!

The 49ers wanted to ensure they weren’t about to lose to a last-second field goal, so they kept the offense on the field and lined up to go for the two-point conversion yet again.

This time, they were successful. Mullens connected with W. Saxton to put the 49ers up 24-21 with :18 left!

The Cowboys got the ball back, but their Hail Mary prayer of a throw to end the game was intercepted by SF. The 49ers did it, they completed the comeback to start the preseason 1-0!

Game Notes:

  • The 49ers were bit hard by the injury bug in their first preseason matchup. It seemed like every play, someone else was down being attended to by the medical staff. In total, Solomon Thomas, Gary Gilliam, Matt Breida, Malcolm Smith, and George Kittle all exited the game due to injuries.
  • Rookie DL Jullian Taylor played the entire game!
    • Also, he recorded his first sack in the NFL late in the game. The 49ers already look to have hit on another late-round pick. Mike Andrews broke down Taylor’s game here!
  • Rookie WR Richie James looked electrifying on the field Thursday night. He caught 4 REC on 5 targets for 46 yards. with an 11.5 AVG, long of 21, and 1 TD.
    • Also, per PFF 49ers, QBs had a passer rating of 154.2 when targeting James!
  • Nick Mullens looked cool, calm, and collected on Thursday night. The 49ers just might have a quarterback battle brewing in the Bay for that #2 spot behind Jimmy G.
  • The 49ers offensive line appeared to be their biggest weakness the entire night. No matter who was under center, they were facing constant pressure.
  • The 49ers WRs looked really strong and deep. No matter who was running routes, clutch catches were made when they needed to be made the most.
  • Garoppolo only played one series, but he still looks to have that magic touch on 3rd-down.
  • Reuben Foster had a fantastic pass-breakup, as he raced across the field to keep up with DAL WR Tavon Austin.