Box Score: 17-23 L

Offensive Report:


  • Jimmy Garoppolo: 9/19, 135 YDS, 7.1 AVG, 71.2 RTG
  • CJ Beathard: 7/8, 83 YDS, 10.4 AVG, 109.9 RTG
  • Nick Mullens: 4/6, 62 YDS, 10.3 AVG, 1 RUSH TD, 1 INT 61.1 RTG


  • Alfred Morris: 17 CAR, 84 YDS, 4.9 AVG, Long: 11
  • Jeff Wilson: 5 CAR, 24 YDS, 4.8 AVG, Long: 7
  • 2 CAR, 5 YDS, 2.5 AVG, Long: 4


  • Richie James: 3 REC (4 TGTS), 65 YDS, Long: 42
  • Pierre Garçon: 2 REC (3 TGTS), 62 TDS, Long: 35
  • Marquise Goodwin: 3 REC (4 TGTS), 40 YDS, Long: 19
  • Aldrick Robinson: 1 REC (1 TGT), 35 YDS
  • Kyle Juszcyzk: 2 REC (2 TGTS), 21 YDS, Long: 11
  • Kendrick Bourne: 2 REC (3 TGTS), 21 YDS, Long: 13
  • Cole Wick: 1 REC (1 TGT), 11 YDS
  • Dante Pettis: 1 REC (2 TGTS), 8 YDS

Defensive Report:

  • Fred Warner: 5 total tackles (3 solo), 1 TFL
  • Tyvis Powell: 4 total tackles (2 solo)
  • Elijah Lee: 3 total tackles (3 solo)
  • Adrian Colbert: 3 total tackles (3 solo)
  • Mark Nzeocha: 3 total tackles (3 solo)
  • Brock Coyle: 3 total tackles (2 solo), 1 TFL
  • Richard Sherman: 1 total tackle (1 solo)
  • Reuben Foster: 2 total tackles (2 solo), 1 TFL
  • Tarvarius Moore: 3 total tackles (2 solo)
  • Jeremiah Attaochu: 2 total tackles (2 solo), 1 sack, 1 TFL

*Stats per ESPN*

49ers starting offense continues to stall out in the end zone.

Game Summary:

The 49ers headed into Indianapolis looking to show the world they were ready for the dress rehearsal of the regular season.  Well, safe to say they fell just a bit short of doing that. Both teams exchanged punts for a few drives until the 49ers finally went 39 yards on 10 plays to set up Robbie Gould for the field goal. 3-0 SF (13:37 2nd). Newly-signed RB Alfred Morris looked quick, and like he deserved to be on this team right from the first snap.

However, the Colts didn’t take too long to respond. Andrew Luck lead the offense down the field on the very next drive. Marching 75 yards on 10 plays, ending with a 15-yard score from Luck to Ebron. 3-7 IND (8:47 2nd).

DJ Reed (R) took the ensuing kickoff out to the SF 18, which set up the 49ers next drive. A few passes and Morris runs later, and the 49ers were across the midfield once again. After connecting with Garçon at the IND 9 for a 4-yard gain, Garoppolo would be unable to connect with another receiver in the end zone. Enter: Robbie Gould to nail a 27-yard field goal. 6-7 IND halftime.

The 49ers received the ball to start the second half due to deferring the opening kickoff, but they didn’t do much with it. After going only 23 yards on 8 plays, the 49ers were forced to punt. Luckily, the Colts’ ensuing drive would stall out after only 6 plays.

Beathard entered the game with 7:50 left in the third quarter and immediately hit Kendrick Bourne for a 13-yard gain down to the SF 37. Two plays later, Beathard would connect with Richie James (R) for a 42-yard pass, taking it down to the IND 26! However, they would once again stall out in the end zone, forcing Robbie Gould to come in a salvage the drive with a 32-yard field goal. 9-7 SF (3:11 3rd).

The Colts would be lead by reserve QB Jacoby Brissett on a 6-play, 78-yard drive that would end in IND RB Christine Michael running it in for the score from the SF 1. 9-14 IND (0:55 3rd).

Two punts later, and 49ers folk hero Nick Mullens enters the game at QB, relieving CJ Beathard. Mullens’ first drive would not last long at all, as he would fumble on his first snap and the Colts would recover. Four plays later, IND kicked another FG through the uprights. 9-17 IND (9:07 4th).

The 49ers would punt on their ensuing drive, and the Colts were able to capitalize (well, somewhat) with yet another field goal. 9-20 IND (5:04 4th).

However, Nick Mullens would not let his offense go out without a fight. He quickly hit Bourne and McNichols for back-to-back 8-yard gains. A ‘Lowering the Head to Initiate Contact’ penalty was called against the Colts on the McNichols reception, tacking on another 15-yards to the end of the play. Mullens hit Richie James (R) for an 11-yard gain that took the 49ers down to the IND 36!

Then, Mullens took a deep shot for veteran Aldrick Robinson, who hauled in the pass at the IND 1 yardline before going out of bounds! The very next play, Mullens kept the ball himself and snuck it up the middle for the score! SF lined up to go for two, but they were unsuccessful. However, a ‘Roughing the Passer’ penalty was called on IND, allowing SF to retry their two-point attempt. This time, they would be successful. McNichols was able to bounce out to the left and turn the corner to run it in untouched. 17-20 IND (4:07 4th).

Unfortunately, the 49ers’ luck would run out just a few drives short — two to be exact. The Colts would answer with an 8-play, 53-yard drive that chewed up over three minutes, and that would also end with — you guessed it — yet another field goal. 17-23 IND (1:10 4th).

The 49ers would get the ball back with 1:10 left in the game and no timeouts. On 1st down, Mullens was sacked and fumbled (SF recovered). On 2nd & 25, he attempted to go deep for Ross Dwelley, but the pas was intercepted by IND, ending the 49ers’ chances.

The Colts came out and took a knee on the ensuing drive, officially ending the game.