It’s week 13 of the NFL season, so that means it’s time for the game we have all been waiting for ever since Richard Sherman signed with the Niners this off-season. This week has been a difficult one in The Empire — we all know the situation with Reuben Foster, as the NBN crew has already gone over every respective angle  this week. Last week, even though no one will admit it, the team came out flat and the Foster situation had a lot to do with it. However, with a full week to recover from the emotional blow of not only losing Foster but also whatever Marquise Goodwin is going through, I fully expect the Niners to play fired up like they have for every game of the Lynchahan era. Now, I fully understand that the only players that remain from the height of the rivalry are Joe Staley and Garrett Celek. But with Richard Sherman signing with the Niners, the fire has been stroked. Everyone on Seattle’s side has said the right things and all indications are that the 12s are going to give Sherman a warm reception. However, we all know how Sherman plays and cheers can turn to boos fast if let’s say he gets a pick-6 to win the game. The word rivalry is used softly nowadays when it comes to Niners vs Seahawks, but it’s still a divisional game and there is still no love lost between both fan bases. We all know the recent history between these two teams. The Niners look to snap a 9-game losing streak to Seattle, including the last 7 games in Seattle. So let’s preview the game and see how SF can #beatthehawks.

Niners’ Offense vs Seattle’s Defense

When we circled this game when the schedule came out in April, us Faithful had a totally different view on this game than we do now.  No Jimmy G-Cool or Jerick McKinnon, and on top of all of that we definitely didn’t expect to be 2-9 with Seattle being 6-5. At this point, it is what it is. The key for the Niners’ offense this week is going to be the same it will be for the rest of the season. Feed Kittle Corn and Matt the Cheetah Breida. Seattle ranks 16th in total defense, 22nd in rush defense, tied for 13th in pass defense and 6th in interceptions. Not exactly the Seattle defense of old. Not having Goodwin and Garçon will definitely affect the Niners’ ability to throw the ball down the field. The X-factor going into this game in my opinion is Dante Pettis. After impressing in his NFL debut Pettis has battled through injuries and inconsistent play for most of the season. That was until last week, when he showed some promise catching 4-7 targets for 77 yards and a TD. If he can have another good game, it’s going to give the Niners another playmaker to get the ball to.


Niners’ Defense vs Seattle’s Offense           

Oh boy this matchup has been the reason of many sleepless nights throughout The Empire. If I close my eyes I can still see Aldon Smith’s hand grabbing Wilson’s jersey just as he through what was the winning touchdown in the 2013 NFC Championship game. The Niners struggled all day last week when it came to containing Jameis Winston the pocket — he was able to extend plays with his legs at will. The only thing that makes me have any faith that things will be different is the fact that Richard Sherman isn’t going to allow Wilson to do his Houdini impersonation he has normally done for his whole career. While Wilson has had a good season so far, what has allowed Seattle to stay in the race for a playoff spot is the fact that they finally have found a way to run the ball without Marshawn Lynch. The run offense has is ranked 5th in the league, while the passing offense is ranked 24th.

If you look at this game on paper with the fact the Niners are without their starting QB, RB, WRs, SS and FS and a current 9-game losing streak to Seattle, it looks like they have no shot. However, you never know what could happen on any given Sunday, and that ladies and gentleman is why we play the game.



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