When it was announced earlier this year that the Falcons were introducing a new fan-friendly-priced menu, I have to admit I was a tad bit jealous that I wouldn’t be seeing those prices at Levi’s Stadium this season. While the 49ers have not announced any lower prices that I know of for this upcoming season, they did host an open practice on Saturday (08/05/2017) and sold tickets for only $5 (children under 6 years old were admitted for free)! That $5 included not only access to both the open practice and the 49ers Museum at Levi’s Stadium, but also parking and food and beverages! All of the proceeds went to the 49ers Foundation.

It was a very classy gesture from a rookie tandem who appears to be destined for greatness. Every single fan there was instantly bought over by GM John Lynch and HC Kyle Shanahan with free hot dogs, cheeseburgers, nachos, pretzels, popcorn, french fries, pizza, peanuts and soft drinks! While I was there I was able to meet up with my fellow NothingButNiners brother Abel Tovar. Both of us were in awe of how much of an emphasis was put on the fans being put first, which is a polar opposite from the previous regime who seemed not to care much, if at all about the fans feelings.


Once fans walked in the beautiful, pearly-white gates of Heaven…. I’m sorry, Levi’s Stadium, they were instantly hit with wonderful banners, pendants, and team photos that instantly got even the most moderate fan as hyped as could be. As easy as it was to stay and marvel at the beautiful scenery, the seating was general admission, so it was time to run and make sure to get a seat close to the field. I remember saying, “Man, how awesome is this! We get to sit anywhere we want?” as my fiance and I walked as close to the field as we could.


Once seated, we were treated to the sight of multiple 49ers players warming up and interacting with fans. Also, 49ers Senior Reporter (and all-around-nice-guy) Joe Fann was nice enough to come and chat it up with Abel and myself for a bit before the rest of the team stormed the field.


Joe was greeted at the 50 yard line by GM John Lynch who then proceeded to give welcoming speech to the Faithful. It’s very easy to see why this guy is extremely likable, he works the hell out of the crowd.


The 49ers then proceeded to put on quite the show for the Faithful in attendance. Some of the open practice standouts were QB Brian Hoyer, WR Marquise Goodwin, and RB Matt Breida. If you’re looking for an Open Practice Report, check out Abel Tovar breaking down what happened here.


After the practice ended on the field, Joe Fann was at the 50 yard line again, but this time with HC Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan thanked the fans for coming out and asked us all to make sure we come show out at every preseason game, plus Week 1 when the Panthers come to town.


The majority of the players made an effort to stay out on the field and interact with the Faithful far after the practice ended. Whether it was autographs, selfies with fans, or just a good ol’ fashioned handshake, no 49ers star player was too big to make the Faithul feel like the family we really are.

My boy @NinerNabs49 was caught by the team cameras playing a game of catch with 49ers punter Bradley PInion!


On the way out, hundreds if not thousands of fans made sure to get the full value of their ticket by stopping by the 49ers Museum, which really is an amazing sight to see.

The theme Saturday was clear – make the Faithful feel right at home, all 25,319 who attended, and they made sure to do just that. It felt nice to feel wooed again by the team we’ve all supported unconditionally over our lives. If this was any sign of things to come, I’m all in!