1. After yet another last minute loss in week 8 vs the Arizona Cardinals, the 49ers once promising season has now completely gone off the rails. The team’s record now stands at a disappointing 1-7 and they could look to be sellers at the upcoming NFL trade deadline on October 30 at 4pm est. There has been several reports of potential players that could be on their way out of San Francisco like Pierre Garçon, Arik Armstead and Jimmie Ward. In a perfect world, the 49ers would be able to move on from veterans with big contracts, high draft picks that haven’t contributed much and players who simply are not viewed in the future plans of the team. The Nothing But Niners Team share their opinions on players who they believe should be on the trading block.


Michael Caufield ( @Ny2ThaBay )


Pierre Garçon- WR


He has been the constant pro throughout the season and a half that he has been with the team but at this point the veteran receiver deserves a chance to play with a contender and it would help the team evaluate what they have in their younger players. Second year receiver Kendrick Bourne performed well in his absence on Sunday hauling in 7 receptions for 71 yards and could emerge even further if Garcon is traded elsewhere. Pierre has provided an veteran presence in the locker room while totaling 61 receptions for 730 receiving yards and zero touchdowns in his time with the 49ers after receiving a sizeable a 4 year/$47.5 mil contract. San Francisco would be wise to try to rid themselves of his big contract and should accept any late round draft pick for Garcon.


Jimmie Ward- DB


The former first round pick and oft-injured defensive back has simply not performed well with his playing time and the team could decide to move on from one of former general manager Trent Baalke’s draft misses. One could argue that Jimmie has not been put in the best position to succeed and could benefit from a fresh start. The 49ers would probably have to eat some of his guaranteed money to make a deal actually happen but Ward could have some value on the open market as he is versatile enough to play several different positions.


Stefan Krueger ( @jav95_ )


Mike Person- OL & Garrett Celek- TE

Both proven veterans are on a team that isn’t going anywhere this year and could more useful as good depth on contending teams. Person has done a decent job this season receiving a PFF grade of 69.2 but he is not likely to be projected with the team for the future and should be moved. The long tenured Celek has had his moments in his 6 plus years with the 49ers but he has certainly come back to reality after producing surprising well in the past two seasons. They both might not be viewed necessarily as starters on every team in the league, but can be trusted to step right in and do a solid job.


Evangelina ( @Mrs_49er )


Pierre Garcon- WR

We need a WR who can stay healthy and Garçon is not that guy for us. He is having his worst season yet which leads many to assume his best years are behind him. Appears to be plenty of interest in him so hopefully we can trade him for a high draft pick.


Joshua Garnett- G

He suffered a toe injury week one and didn’t play last season due to a knees injury. He is proving to be too fragile. I had high hopes for the first-round pick and wanted him to live up to his potential but it’s looking like he may have been a draft bust.


Anthony Perry ( @AnthonyPerry925 )


Jimmie Ward- DB


Although he’s oft-injured, teams can still use a versatile DB as a quality backup, and at the least a low level starter depending on the situation that he’s put in.



Pierre Garçon- WR


Although he’s up there in age, teams can go for a WR with solid hands and that guy they can look to as “ole-reliable” considering Garçon knows his route tree well and can fit into almost any scheme.


Michael Andrews ( @49ersMike_NF )


DeForest Buckner- DL


He is good and is looked at as one of the best players on the defense. With that said, what does he do for us? With a monster contract looming and the team looking like it’s still a year or two away from competing, maybe getting some good compensation for Buckner (1st & 2nd nd picks) would help in the long run. The team has rookies Jullian Taylor and Kentavious Street, who are waiting in the wings to emerge on the scene next year. Ronald Blair continues to shine each game with the increased amount of snaps that he receives and the upcoming draft class/free agency could help replace Buckner’s production.


Trent Taylor- WR


He proved to be a good possession WR last season and excelled in the slot as a excellent third down target but has been struggling with back injuries. In the absence of Garçon this week, he only lined up on 19 offensive snaps and has been removed from any return duties which is pretty telling of his current value for the team.


Stewart Mathurin ( @SoLockedIn )


Jimmie Ward- DB

He has a contract that is worth 8 million dollars coupled with his injury history makes him highly expendable, anything received in terms of draft compensation would be fair.


Pierre Garçon- WR


He would be another player that should be moved, he has a modest contract and has not been as productive as the 49ers would’ve liked. Moving him on will increase the roles for young players Kendrick Bourne and Dante Pettis. A late round draft pick as compensation should suffice.


Dillon Frazier ( @dillonfrazier98 )


Malcolm Smith- LB


I think we are done with him as a project but I think plenty of teams would give up a later pick to have a former Super Bowl MVP on their roster. Injuries have hampered his time here so to fully evaluate him but it would be a smart move to get rid of his contract. He still would have value on the open market no matter what 49ers fans angrily say about him, he still has the ability to a starting caliber linebacker in the league.


Kendrick Bourne- WR


Another experiment that never quite took off for the 49ers no matter how much potential that we seen has been Bourne. It just has not translated yet on the field for him despite his increase in playing time. San Francisco should consider trading him while there is still some mystery about his potential.


Steve Mullan ( @smullanjr )


Pierre Garçon- WR


Time for the young WR’s to take over and see what they have for the future. Dante Pettis was drafted in the 2nd round for a reason, let’s see what he can do with increased playing time.


Arik Armstead- DL


Armstead isn’t a complete bust, but he just simply doesn’t fit this system. He’s still young and could probably get you the best draft pick in return out of all the tradable guys on the roster.


Zach Hernandez (@Zachhernan)


Solomon Thomas – DL

Although Thomas hasn’t been given ample time to prove his worth, I think what we all thought back when he was selected 3rd overall still rings true to this day — a ‘tweener on the defensive line is not what the 49ers need, not then, not now. I think they should sell while his stock is as high as it could be, given that he still might intrigue some teams who think he’s simply not being used correctly under Robert Saleh, which to be honest might be true. Whatever the case may be, I think the experiment has proven to be a failure thus far and the 49ers should cut ties.



Earl Mitchell – NT

Going right back to their defensive line, but this time for another reason. I’d trade Mitchell not because of his performance not being up to par, but rather because I’m more intrigued in what the young stud D.J. Jones can do in the starting lineup. We saw Jones exceed expectations  during the preseason, yet has been routinely made inactive on gamedays for some reason. For a young team smack dab in the middle of a rebuild, there’s no reason not to let a young player with a ton of potential like Jones get his feet wet with some significant playing time.