What were the 49ers thinking??

The 49ers made some news this offseason by signing Kyle Juszcyk (Pronounced YOUs-check). It wasn’t shocking that the team signed a fullback but what was surprising was the big contract that he received. After spending the first four years of his career with the Baltimore Ravens, he signed a four-year, $21 million deal with a $5 million dollar signing bonus. It seemed to most fans and media as quite lavish but the deal is structured essentially as a year to year contract with a team option.  With all of that being said.


Will he actually make an impact? Was he worth the investment?

Juszcyk who attended the University of Harvard is a throwback player, a true fullback who is capable of catching passes out of the backfield but his main job will be to provide blocking for the running back to pick up big yardage. He is regarded as the best fullback in the NFL and earned a pro bowl nod last year.


So who will benefit most from the signing???

Logical choice would have to be Carlos Hyde or any running back on the field. Last year the 49ers didn’t have a fullback on the roster as it is not utilized at all in Chip Kelly’s offense and it showed as the running game was pitiful at times. The addition of Juszcyk should boost the rushing attack and also help in pass protection with an oft-shaky offensive line.


Why so much hype??

Juszcyk had 37 receptions for 266 yards last season in a Ravens offense that did use a fullback more than other teams in the league but I expect him to have a much bigger impact on the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Kyle could be used in various positions as he’s had experience at tight end, h-back, fullback and special teams. Early on through this offseason he seems like a down to earth person, great teammate and a good fit in the locker room. Patrick DiMarco was the starting fullback on the Atlanta Falcons for the past two seasons with Kyle Shanahan and played in 31 percent of offensive snaps which indicates that Juszcyk should benefit very much in this system.


Has he reached his peak?

Kyle is only 26 years old and has shown signs of high potential so far and should continue to develop. Juszcyk is not the kind of player who will light up on the stat sheet as a runner, but he has the ability to set the physical tone as a blocker that the team needs. However he was not signed to be a just a fullback as I think the team will use him in more of an fb/te hybrid role and as John Lynch described his role as an offensive weapon. The 49ers are in a rebuilding stage and will take some time to develop but the signing of Juszcyk was my favorite move in free agency and should go a long way in the future of the franchise.


In Conclusion…

I truly believe that he will breakout into a star in the league and a player with enough talent to rejuvenate a position that has been forgotten in today’s NFL.



These are my views, what are yours?


And as always,

Stay Faithful.