Per NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, Elissa Ennis, the woman who accused Reuben Foster of domestic violence has recounted her accusation that he assaulted her, instead claiming her injuries were a result of a fight with another woman that caused Foster to end his relationship with his accuser.

Foster’s accuser reportedly threatened to ‘trash [Foster’s] career’ if he broke up with her, and has now claimed the 49ers’ linebacker did not strike her, injure her, or threaten her in any way.

Given this development would seem to exonerate Foster from the most severe allegations facing him, the 49ers can now proceed to tomorrow’s NFL draft with significantly more confidence that their star linebacker will be on the field in 2018.

We have not heard the last of this case, but those associated with the 49ers and more significantly, with Foster himself, will be immensely relieved that the domestic violence allegations seem to have been a fabrication.

Ennis’ attorney Stephanie Rickard released the following statement to the press: