The 49ers have signed a long time foe to a 3 year deal! Richard Sherman, formally of the Seattle Seahawks, was given a deal within 24 hours of meeting with head coach Kyle Shanahan.


As first reported by Marcus Thompson, Richard Sherman was in Los Gatos having dinner with 49ers brass:

The head coach was later asked about the meeting but he chalked it up as “due diligence.”

The team wasted no time having Sherman meet with team doctors to perform a physical, and shortly after, the rest was history.


A deal was struck with the self-representing player to the tune of $39 million and a $5 million signing bonus. The details were later reported by Tom Pelissero on twitter and they were kind of interesting. The 30 year old Sherman is clearly betting on himself with a number of incentives that not just force him to make the 53 man roster, but the 46 (active game day roster) as well. In addition to that, the corner can make even more money for making the pro bowl! According to more personal interpretation by Pelissero, if Sherman is a pro bowl player in 2018, his 2019 salary of $16 million is fully guaranteed.


The contract is one that helps both the player and the organization equally. Paraag Marathe deserves a lot of credit for his manipulation of contracts, but that’s another article for another time! In the meantime, the faithfuls that remain with the team have to get used to seeing someone we once loathed in our beloved red and gold! Once the ball snaps and Richard Sherman defends his first pass, I’m sure we will warm up to him!