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Breaking Down The 49ers Schedule

Let’s Continue!


In the previous article the first 8 weeks were covered, so we will go over the remaining 9 weeks on the schedule


Week 9: The first game of the 2nd half of the season is here… The long awaited Battle of the Bay is about to go down for the final time. This highly anticipated game will be the 3rd prime time game the 49ers have had in a 4 week stretch. The niners are coming off a week 8 game in Arizona and head back home to take on the Raiders on TNF.

The Raiders enter this game very well rested! After playing the Chargers as a road team (game in LA), they were home for their next two match ups against the Seahawks and the Colts. In between those games, they were given their bye week, and now they head up the road to Santa Clara. Not exactly a hectic 5 week stretch there, and literally the least travelling for any team during a 5 week stretch this season. Often times teams that play on Thursday have strong grounds to complain about the opponent’s unfair competitive advantage, but this is about as fair as it will ever get. Kudos to the schedule makers! Even though this is a home game for the 49ers, both teams will be well represented at the final Battle of the Bay; Couple that with Raiders’ recent bye and the 49ers zig-zagging aound, ADVANTAGE RAIDERS


Week 10: This game is an interesting one given the history of each team’s previous schedule. The 4th prime time game in 5 weeks has these two teams squaring off on a Monday night. The Giants’ last 4 weeks have been almost as strange as the 49ers’. Week 6 the Giants were home for TNF against the defending champs. Then 11 days later, they played Monday night against the Falcons in Atlanta. Then after that, the Giants had a bye week. They are a well rested team and ready for their opponent.

Even though the Giants are coming across the country to play the 49ers, and gaining time by doing so, I think their bye week was nullified by the 49ers having this game played 10 days after their previous bout with the Raiders. 49ers will be banged up a bit and playing through a number of injuries badly needing their bye week. ADVANTAGE GIANTS


Week 11: BYE WEEK


Week 12:  The world of expectation that were on Tampa Bay’s team last year is about how most felt about the 49ers heading into this season. This game will be a test for both teams looking to make a push towards the post season. In their previous 4 games, the Buccaneers have only been home 1 time. This match against the 49ers will get them a push from their home crowd. In attempts to find something strange or significant about the Buccaneers’ schedule the only thing that stood out was that of all 16 regular season games, 15 of them start at 1pm EST, something rarely seen!

This game is going to be a chess match and come down to coaching and which young QB can keep his team under control the most. A lot of talented player are on Tampa Bay’s roster but the 49ers coming off their well needed and deserved bye week couldn’t have come at a better time. That’s a game changer! ADVANTAGE 49ERS


Week 13: The 49ers venture into the enemy’s nest and take on the Seahawks. Seattle hasn’t had the easiest schedule the last 3 weeks; having to take on the physical Panthers, the Packers, and the Rams. The Seahawks are expected to come out of this 4 game stretch with just 1 win. Seattle has had to do a lot of traveling as well. Since week 8, they have had to travel every week, alternating between home and away games evenly. The 49ers will be doing their longest travel (miles), going from one corner of the country to the other.

Both teams are playing for their post season lives at this point and every game means that much more. Although the 49ers are doing a lot of travelling going from Florida to Washington, the Seahawks have done significantly more travelling in the previous weeks. Home games just seem to be more of a task for them now. ADVANTAGE 49ERS


Week 14: The task of finding something interesting about the Broncos’ schedule proved to be a daunting one. Sadly, this task got the best of me. Nothing about the Broncos schedule leading up to the game against the 49ers is special. Thus, making this the shortest segemtn of the 49ers Schedule Breakdown.

The 49ers are happy to be back home and playing for their fans.



Week 15: The second time in 3 weeks these two teams will face off and the 49ers could not be happier about it. This is the 2nd game of the 3 consecutive home games heading into the conclusion of the regular season. If the 49ers are as good as the NFL seems to think they are, Seattle may be in the toughest 6 game stretch of any team this season. Rams, Packers, Panthers, 49ers, Vikings and 49ers again…. oi vey!

The 49ers are gearing up for a strong finish, feeling well rested and more motivated than ever. A favorable ending to the team’s schedule, and yes, that includes 2 match ups against the Seattle. When is the last time we could say that, not just about the Seahawks, but the 49ers looking forward to something in general? ADVANTAGE 49ERS


Week 16:  At this point in the season, the Bears are dreading the last 4 games. Having to face the Rams, Packers, 49ers and Vikings to end your season is a horrible way to bring momentum in for the following season. But alas, here we are. This team will be battered and bruised and in much need of a second bye week. Chicago’s bye week seems like a distant memory at this point and the long 11 week stretch will be taking a toll.

As the Bears battle attrition, the 49ers are getting their second breath. The home crowd will be fired up as this is the last home game on the regular season schedule. With the energy of the crowd and feeling good about where they are in the season, they prepare to give the fans a really good show! Goodbye 2018. ADVANTAGE 49ERS


Week 17:  The season finale is here and if the NFL has things go their way, this game will determine a playoff spot for one of the teams. This game would also be a shootout and have people all over the country paying attention to it and it’s playoff implications.

There isn’t much to add here that hasn’t been said already. The expectation is that both coaches will be looking to make a statement to the rest of the league. Its not about home field advantage here. Its not about the talent on the rosters. This is a battle of wits and a test of discipline. This is about which staff can keep their players emotions down and levelheadedness ever-present.