What’s going on Faithfuls!!! I’m back with some more bold predictions this week but before I get to the meat and potatoes, let me recap last week’s predictions.

There were only four and since I’m applying half credits, I think this will be my best performance yet! I thought Buckner would get his first sack of the season. I thought 1.5 but bumped him up to two. He got one. ½ point accepted.

I also predicted that Jimmy Garoppolo would throw three touchdowns that would stand this time. Full point accepted. My next prediction was that the turnovers would continue. I predicted that the turnovers would reduce to 2 but we only got 1. ½ point accepted.

My final look into the future was that Raheem Mostert would lead the team in rushing. May was I close! He lead the team in all purpose yards (151) but was second in rushing. ½ point accepted. This week’s score of 2½ will be tough to beat. I looked through all the other bold predictions people sent my way and none were right so, keep trying Faithfuls! Now let’s get to this!


Bold Predictions vs Steelers

1. Justin Skule doesn’t allow a sack!

I know the young rookie has some big shoes to fill and I also believe the Steelers will target him heavily. But I think the 49ers will be prepared for this and Jimmy will get rid of the ball quickly. Not bold enough for you? Okay, zero sacks and two pressures.


2. Tarvarius Moore gets an interception while Jimmy Ward is on the field

I know you’re probably thinking HOW MIKE?! HOW?! YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS MIKE! I know, but hey, let’s get bold! The 49ers will have Moore playing the free safety position while Jimmie Ward (who makes his return Sunday) plays as the slot corner. Ward will play FS in base sets.


3. Richie James will lead the 49ers in receiving yards

Richie James takes advantage of a few opportunities afforded to him early on and takes two short passes a very long way, one for a score. The 49ers will be looking to score early and will spread the Steelers’ secondary thin. Benefit RJ.


4. 49ers’ defense has their worst rushing game of the year

The Niners are averaging 78 yards a game and with the inexperienced QB Rudolph making his first NFL start, the Steelers will attempt to protect him. Week 1, the 49ers allowed 121 rushing yards. Between Connor and Rudolph, the team will exceed 150 ground yardage.


5. Special teams scores for the first time this season

We all want to see all three phases be successful. So far we’ve seen the first two, but this week Richard Hightower has his troops remind us why all three phases of the game are important.

Let’s get loud this week!