Alright faithfuls, our 49ers are 5-0 and are across the country for a game that many people think is as much of a “give me” as the NFL has to offer. We enter the game 10 point favorites so what does that mean for this team? Let’s try to predict!


1. Run Game Struggles – I know, “Washington is allowing 140 rushing yards a game to opponents,” but most opponents have their tackles and/or fullback. Last week the 49ers only rushed for 99 yards despite over 40 attempts. The struggles continue this week (kind of). The 49ers will top 125 rushing yards this game but only because there will be a run for over 60 yards. If that rush is subtracted, they wouldn’t top 70 yards.


2. Jimmy Garoppolo Silences Haters – all season long, Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t thrown for a single 300 yard game. Most people have attributed this to the WR corps and/or the ability of the QB, but I think that’s all been a part of the game plan. The 49ers have targeted WRs the second fewest times (71) amongst all teams in the entire NFL. You don’t lead the league in rushing by passing a lot. But this week coordinator and head coach Kyle Shanahan throws the Redskins for a loop. As the Washington team prepares to load the box because of the absence of a few WRs (Taylor, Samuel), Garoppolo will throw all over the field. 378 yards, 3 touchdowns (and 1 INT which is not his fault).


3. Turnovers Continue – The team has managed to force a turnover in every contest this season. This won’t stop here in week 7. In fact. The 49ers force 3 more turnovers this week. The only QB that the team has faced that didn’t throw an interception was Jared Goff, but Washington won’t be that lucky!


4. Defense Scores – The defense has done their part and more so far this season, but they step it up in this game. In addition to the turnovers, one will be returned for a touchdown. They continue to show why they are the best defense in the NFL.


5. Robbie Gould Returns To Form – We were spoiled over the last two seasons here in San Francisco. Whenever Robbie Gould stepped on the field, you knew you could count it as 3 (or 1). This year the highly paid kicker has been in a bit of a funk and there may be various reasons as to why. This week, he starts to find his groove and returns to the Gould of old. Robbie will exit the game making 100% of his attempts for the (first time time since his 1 FG attempt in week 3 against the Steelers).


6. Special Teams Struggles – With the plethora of injuries to the team and Mostert’s status up in the air, the unit will continually give the skins good field position.


7. The 49ers Win By 3 Scores Or More – 17 points is all it takes to be a 3-possession game. That’s the minimum the 49ers will beat the Redskins by. Over 21 points will come in the 2nd half, so be patient and enjoy the show. It’ll be a bumpy start, but the finish will be strong and make you proud!


Go Niners!