Week 6 is here and that means the 49ers prepare to take on their 5th opponent of the year, the Los Angeles Rams. Let’s get right to these predictions.


1. Jimmy Garoppolo gets the passing game going – In a week where everyone is expecting a shoot out between divisional opponents, Kyle Shanahan prepares his troops to put on a show. The previous week allowed a dominant run game to thrive, but that won’t be the case this week. The 49ers average 200 rushing yards a game but the passing game will be the center of attention this week. Predicted stats: 31/43; 372 yards; 3 touchdowns


2. The defense reigns supreme – The 49ers’ defense ranks 2nd and 3rd and almost all major categories. They will allow more yards than we’ve seen lately, but they hold the Rams to their lowest total on the season. Not only do they keep them out of the endzone as often, they continue the turnovers. Predicted stats allowed: 94 rushing yards; 189 passing yards; 2 passing touchdowns; 2 interceptions; 2 forced fumbles; 4 sacks


3. A WR emerges as the top dawg – Last week I predicted that Matt Breida would put his stamp on RB1 status. I think he accomplished that finishing the game averaging over 10 yards a carry. This week a WR will do the same, but my problem is, I’m a little foggy on who. My gut has been telling me it’s Samuel, but I have a strange feeling that Pettis won’t go down without a fight. One of these two will haul in 7 catches for 141 yards and 2 touchdowns. Which one do you think it will be?


4. Robbie Gould woes continue – last week we saw a first for our beloved kicker, as he missed 3 consecutive field goals (yes, one was blocked, but the point remains). Robbie won’t do as badly as last week, but he also won’t attempt as many field goals this week. Predicted stats: 1/2 field goals, 5/5 extra points


5. Linebackers get in on the love – This season has been good for both sides of the ball but the defense has been the shining point. The defensive line has gotten about 75% of the love, while the secondary has gotten about 20%. This week, the tide shifts, and the linebackers get some love. Fred Warner records his first pick of the season and Alexander gets a sack the 2nd time in as many weeks.


6. Final score prediction – this is a first for this section, but if you read the Robbie Gould and defensive sections, you can conclude what the score will be close to. Both teams enter the game as having top 10 scoring offenses (per game). The 49ers are 2nd (31.8ppg) and the Rams are 6th (29.2ppg). That’s less than a field goal difference between the two teams. The biggest difference between these two offensive juggernauts is the defense. The 49ers enter the bout ranked 2nd in points allowed per game (14.3), while the Rams come in at 15th (26.8). This trend continues and the score will be 38-17 in favor of the 49ers!


Have fun faithfuls!