Download the Study and Style Guide for Theology and Religious Studies (PDF format), Regulations for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Regulations for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Regulations for the Diploma For Graduates, Regulations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects, Download the Study and Style Guide for Theology and Religious Studies. However, Christianity remains the most common religion; 37 percent of the population at the 2018 census identified as Christian. The OEP was developed by Campbell … To enrol for a paper by distance, just select that option in eVision. In the same year, Albert Moore introduced the Phenomenology of Religion at Otago. The University of Otago is New Zealand's first. 200-level: Three 200-level RELS papers* (54 points) On this website you will find background information about me, my published research, and some of my ongoing research projects.. Kiwi Store, Lenakal, Tanna Island, Vanuatu. In the Religion Program at Otago, we use methods from history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and politics to prepare students for thinking about religion as a human phenomenon—the product of the desires, questions and passions of people living in particular places and times. The University of Otago Religion Programme seeks both to understand religion as a universal human phenomenon and to explore the variety of ways in which people express their religious commitments in thought and action. Plus at least 54 points of RELS papers (three papers), including at least 18 points (one paper) above 200-level. Following the collaborative study, lead author Dr. John Shaver, of Otago's Religion Programme, believes a contributing factor is that religious people are … John encourages inquiries from prospective Ph.D. candidates working on topics related to the evolutionary, psychological and scientific study of religion. ¥ The Otago Exer cise Pr ogramme was developed and tested in four controlled trials by a research team at the University of Otago Medical School, New Zealand, led by Pr ofessor John Campbell. Otago's Ph.D. program is three years long and the university offers competitive scholarships to highly qualified applicants with a record of academic excellence. Lead author and University of Otago Religion program head Dr. John Shaver says the research attempts to resolve a paradox. Example Otago Exercise Program Videos – These are a series of 4 videos (20‐30 minutes each) that lead participants through an Otago Program including warm up, strength, and balance exercises . "That religious people tend … A full list of Religion papers (including those not offered in 2021) is also available. Helpful information about enrolling in distance teaching can be found here. The John Templeton Foundation has recently allocated almost $4 million to conduct an Otago University-led study – The Evolutionary Dynamics of Religion, Family Size, and Child Success. The papers that have to be taken in order to include a minor Welcome to the Theology Programme , Theology Programme, University of Otago, New Zealand Campus and distance courses on the Bible, Christian Theology, Church History, Public Theology, Pastoral and Practical Theology, Ministry, and Chaplaincy that will deepen your understanding of the Christian Faith. Posted on October 6, 2017 by oatti08p. The regulations for all of these qualifications are listed below. The building is regarded as the most impressive of New Zealand's nineteenth-century churches, and is listed by Heritage New Zealand as a Category I structure.