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My dad grew up in San Francisco in the sixties, and watched his first 49ers game at the team’s OG home, Kezar Stadium. Back then my dad was a kid and he and his brothers would shine shoes for nickels and dimes. The way he tells the story about the way he got his first entry to a Niners game was when a man tipped him a ticket to a 49ers game that day. That moment would lead to him and eventually me following the team faithfully for the rest of our lifetime. 

You know what first connected you to the Niners, and you know what keeps you committed to them still today? Well, for me, it was me watching the games with my dad. I can remember seeing him totally committed in full red and gold gameday attire, whether it was on TV, games at Candlestick, or a game at Levi’s.

I was pulled into the Niners because they seemed to always win during the ’80s, my dad had season tickets from the ’90s to 2016. I can vividly remember my dad buying a new big-screen TV every super bowl they went to, from 55 inches to 65 inches and now 80 inches so that he could host super bowl bashes and invite everyone to his watch party. 

Yesterday’s NFC Championship Game was filled with moments I will never forget. My dad and I were honored to root for the 49ers surrounded by our NBN family members! We observed in all, tailgating, Levi’s packed to capacity, and very few visiting cheeseheads.

The stands were amazingly quiet when letting the Niners offense work, feverish during defensive play, and frenzied when celebrating big plays. The faithful were out in force, providing the 49ers players, coaches with the true home-field advantage that they had fought and battled so hard to earn during the regular season. 

By the end, everyone had either shed tears or fought to hold them back because the 49ers have had such an incredible season that has completely elevated our relationship with the team and each other. Huge Shout out to all the faithful for the part that you have played in this season that we will never forget. –
49er Faithful,
George Padilla
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My dad George the night of the Championship game Victory on the field.
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This picture says it all! We’re back baby! Super Bowl 54 bound. Miami, Here we come!