What’s  going on Faithfuls?!

Let me give out a “Bold Prediction Award” to someone way more deserving of it than me. Last week, we did a show on YouTube, and fellow writer Anthony Perry made the most ridiculous prediction I have ever heard in my entire life! He said that the defense would score more touchdowns than the offense! The rest of the panel proceeded to laugh him off the camera. Nevertheless, when he came back, he doubled down on his statement, and guess what… HE WAS RIGHT! The 49ers offense only contributed one of the team’s three touchdowns in Sunday’s match-up. Two pick-6s (by Richard Sherman and Ahkello Witherspoon) stole the shine of the entire defensive report! Anthony, not only were you bold, you were correct! I tip my hat to you!

Okay… I’m back for week two’s bold predictions, but first a brief recap on how my previous predictions went.

Recapping last week’s predictions

Last week there were five predictions. Only one was spot on: DeForest Buckner wouldn’t get any sacks. He actually didn’t have many pressures either but I digress. I’m going to give myself half credit for another one and that’s Deebo Samuel being the teams leading wide receiver. Although Samuel didn’t have the most yards, he had the most receptions and played the most snaps of any wide receiver. That’s it. Just 1.5 out of five. Horrible right?! But I was happy to be wrong about the interceptions. In fact, my miss is what caused us to win the game! I’ll take that any day of the week.

Now, let’s get to it!

1. Deforest Buckner gets two sacks.

This week, the Bengals are down two linemen, both on the left side. I can see a scenario where Buckner bounces back and can bring down Andy Dalton twice! One moment of honesty – I originally wanted to say 1.5 sacks but I’m feeling good, so I went with two…

2. Jimmy Garoppolo throws three touchdowns

Last week Jimmy threw three passes that resulted in his target crossing the goal line. The problem is that two of them were called back. A pair of George Kittle touchdowns were called back due to Mike McGlinchey and Kyle Juszczyk playing against him in fantasy football. I fully expect Jimmy to “bounce back” here. I put “bounce back” in quotations because if his two touchdowns stood, no one would be saying his game was all that bad.

3. Raheem Mostert will lead the team in rushing

I have this strange feeling that Matt Breida is on some strange pitch count. I don’t know why but it’s just a gut feeling (or maybe it’s this lunch I had today). At the time of authoring, Jeff Wilson Jr has not been called up from practice squad, so the 49ers only have two active running backs on the team. If Wilson Jr. is summoned, I expect it to be announced Saturday, which is when the NFL mandates these type of moves as made. In any event, I expect Mostert to have two or three carries of over 30 yards. Thus, catapulting him into the lead rusher in yards. This will be a daunting task this week, especially considering how Cincinnati held Seattle to less than 2.5 yards a carry last week.

4. The turnovers continue

Last week the 49ers had four total turnovers (three interceptions and one fumble recovery). This week I expect to see the turnover trend continue. The difference is that it will only be two. Watch for the Bengals to use a lot of shotgun and three step drops from under center since their offensive line is battered. They’ll want to get the ball out of Dalton’s hands as quickly as possible. With Mixon being dinged (he will play but for how long?), Green being out, and Dalton being Dalton, the new offensive coordinator will look to get the ball out of his hands quickly to avoid pressure and hits on his QB.


That’s it for this week everyone!

Enjoy faithfuls!