Welp, it looks like that unfortunate time for all of us is here. After eight seasons with the 49ers, the 49ers have now released veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman.There appeared to be a trade all but worked out for him, but it fell apart at the last minute. per the team. It all started with this tweet from Adam Schefter.

Eric Branch of the SF Chronicle noted how there were two chairs set up at today’s press conference, which was unusual to say the least. The media was ready for a big story and they certainly got it.

The 49ers made it official at 1:15 PM PST, NaVorro Bowman was released, per his request.

The team also issued this statement:

“NaVorro Bowman gave his heart and soul to this team for the last eight years, and for that we are extremely grateful,” said 49ers General Manager John Lynch. “During that time, NaVorro was a key component of one of the best teams in the league and his passion for the game allowed him to quickly become a favorite of our Faithful fans. Thursday evening, Kyle and I met with NaVorro, and from our conversation it became evident that going in different directions was best for both him and our team. Although NaVorro may be moving on, he will always be looked at as one of the great players to wear the red and gold. We wish him and his family great success.”


It appears NaVorro was having some trouble not being the guy. From the the statement the 49ers released, it definitely sounds like they were way less than pleased about his leadership qualities. They were hoping to have a veteran, All-Pro player to be able to mentor young guns like Buckner, Tartt, Foster, Thomas, etc. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the plan NaVorro had.


Reuben Foster is looking like the next Commander in Chief more and more each day, and the guy hasn’t even played in a few weeks.