The 49ers are re-signing Jimmie Ward Welp…..

The 49ers are re-signing Jimmie Ward to a 1 year 5 million dollar contract. Ward, a 2014 first round-pick, has fluctuated with availability and his positional role on the team, being converted from safety to corner twice-fold. Over the past two seasons Ward has suffered the same forearm break, leading to his relegation to the injured-reserve list and the rightful label of “injury prone.” Although Ward posted a productive 2016 campaign at cornerback, his rightful position on the field is yet to be determined.

The front office see’s Jimmie Ward as a “Pro-Bowl caliber safety,” in the National Football League, the 49ers faithful are still waiting for this sort of production on the field.

What may draw the ire of the 49ers faithful, Jimmie Ward re-signs with the San Francisco 49ers on a 1 year, 5 million dollar deal.