I never bet on 49ers games.


I’m superstitious.

Every now and then though, there comes along a bet too good to be true. Vegas has gifted myself and 49ers fans that bet this year. Time to cash in on it!

Oddsshark.com has the 49ers over/under set at 4.5 games which on the surface seems logical as the Niners just came off a 2-14 season. So for the novice gambler or casual 49ers fan, betting on the Niners to win over 4.5 games seems like a waste of time.

Then there are those of us who follow this team religiously. The FAITHFULS. We know every roster move made since the season ended, every scheme change made since last year, tendencies of each and every player and the potential this team holds. Faithfuls know all this because it’s the first thing we check on our phones when we wake up. Wake up and kiss our significant others? That can wait! We grab our phones, check to see if there are any 49ers updates that occurred while we were sleeping and we try to do it quietly so we don’t wake our loved ones up. So when WE see the 49ers are expected to ONLY win 4.5 games, our eyes light up with dollar signs as big as Christmas trees.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule to show why we are going to win more than 5 games and why you should bet whatever you can afford on the OVER.

  • Week 1 vs Panthers, Home WIN 1-0

I got this down as a win for the 49ers in a closely contested game. Cam Newton is going to have a new swiss army knife type weapon in Christian McCaffrey and a stout defense but they are opening up on the road against a Niners team they have absolutely no film on. Kyle Shanahan has an entire off season to prepare for this game. Revamped roster and new scheme means the Panthers won’t know what hit them.

  • Week 2 vs Seattle, Road LOSS 1-1

As much as the homer in me wants to put this down as a win, I simply can’t do it. This is a road game for us and I need to actually SEE us win a game in Seattle for once before I can start believing the curse they have over us in Century Link field is over. It’ll be another close game and we’ll show some early progress, especially on the defensive end but we’ll come up short in the end.

  • Week 3 vs Rams, Home WIN 2-1

Goff = Win. That’s pretty much all there is to it. I thought Goff was trash coming out of college and his 1st season has proven me right so far. Until he shows he’s even a decent QB, there’s no way I think the Rams can beat us. That Rams miracle turnaround sure isn’t going to happen in our house either.

  • Week 4 vs Cardinals, Road WIN 3-1

The Cardinals defense won’t have Kaepernick or Gabbert to feast on this time around. No more freebies for them. They are going to have their work cut out for them against this new and improved 49ers team who will make a league wide statement with this game when they win. The 49ers defensive line will be too much for an old and withered Carson Palmer and they’ll force Father Time himself into a couple game losing turnovers.

  • Week 5 vs Colts, Road LOSS 3-2

The Colts have attempted to upgrade their defense this off-season with the additions of safety Malik Hooker and CB Quincy Wilson while adding some offensive line help for a beaten and battered Andrew Luck. Reports are Luck should be ready by week 1 so by week 5 when this game takes place, he should be finding his groove and playing very well. Although I believe the 49ers can exploit the young defense, Luck plus the long road trip will result in a close loss for the 49ers.

  • Week 6 vs Redskins, Road WIN 4-2

With the 49ers possibly staying over in Youngstown Ohio for the 2nd of back to back East coast games, the road won’t play much of a part in this game. Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers will go against what most believe will be the future quarterback of the 49ers in Kirk Cousins. As much as I like Cousins, I don’t think he alone will be enough vs Kyle and this fearsome front 7. Kirk will keep the Redskins in the game but Kyle and the defense will pull out the victory on the road.

  • Week 7 vs Cowboys, Home LOSS 4-3

I hate writing this. But the point of this article was the amount of wins and not who they are against. The only way I see the 49ers winning this one is if the offense comes alive and dominates the young Dallas secondary. It’ll be a shoot out because I don’t see our defense stopping the loaded Cowboys offense that includes Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot and Dez Bryant.

  • Week 8 vs Eagles, Road WIN 5-3

Go cash your bets in! We just won some loot! I like our chances even though we have to fly over to the East Coast again for this showdown. The defense is going to have to carry to load in this one. Philly has upgraded weapons on both sides of the ball but Carson Wentz is still the fulcrum of the offense. If the defensive line can put pressure early on the young quarterback, I believe his confidence will be shook for the entire game and the Niners will pull off the upset.

  • Week 9 vs Cardinals, Home WIN 6-3

Sweep. Carson probably won’t even be upright by this time so I like our chances at home against Drew Stanton or Blaine Gabbert. Niners sweep both games this year.

  • Week 10 vs Giants, Home LOSS 6-4

The Giants defense will be the difference in this one. Their pass rush will prove too much for our offensive line to hold them back and Hoyer will have one of his worse games as a 49er. Adding Brandon Marshall on the offensive side won’t help our defense who’s going to spend a majority of the time on the field.

  • Week 11 BYE
  • Week 12 vs Seahawks, Home WIN 7-4

This is where the season starts to get really fun for 49ers fans! This is a win we all have been waiting for. Even though the 49ers will be 6-4 by this time, it’ll seem like fool’s gold until we put a stamp of authenticity on it by destroying Russell Wilson through his Swiss cheese offensive line.

  • Week 13 vs Bears, Road WIN 8-4

I’ll take Brian Hoyer with Kyle Shanahan backing him up over Mike Glennon or Mitchel Trubisky ANY day. 49ers blow out the Bears in Chicago.

  • Week 14 vs Texans, Road LOSS 8-5

By this time in the schedule, JJ Watt is back in full force and wrecking havoc on offenses. This game will be no different. The Texan defense with Watt and Clowney leading it proves to be a special unit. 49ers lose convincingly.

  • Week 15 vs Titans, Home LOSS 8-6

This game is going to be a ground and pound type game with Marriota making just enough plays to win it for the Titans.That will only be made possible after Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry wear out our defense.

  • Week 16 vs Jaguars, Home WIN 9-6

I predict this game to be a shootout with the 49ers pulling away early in the 2nd half forcing the Jaguars to become a one dimensional team. Blake will start off having a great day and then the sky will fall flat on his head when the 49ers defense realizes Blake’s only hope is to throw the ball.

  • Week 17 vs Rams, Home WIN 10-6

Goff is still the QB. ‘Nuff said.