The 49ers’ 2018 season continued along its downward spiral with the news that Reuben Foster had been accused of domestic violence once again. On Sunday morning, as Foster awaited his bail hearing, the 49ers announced they had released the linebacker.

The 49ers’ quick response to these allegations lies in stark contrast to their actions in the summer, when they waited and were seemingly rewarded for doing so. In this latter instance however, the team’s rapid response demonstrates that they ultimately felt Foster could not be trusted to make decisions that kept him away from negative headlines – notably continuing to associate himself with his previous (false) accuser, who made the latest set of allegations.

Having seemingly wasted a tremendous opportunity to carve out a career as a defensive centrepiece on a historic and rebuilding organisation, it must be hoped that justice will be served in this case one way or another, and then Foster can go about trying to proceed from yet another setback.