Well, this was definitely the best news we could’ve woken up to on Super Bowl Sunday as a 49ers fan — NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that San Francisco has ‘gained momentum towards a lucrative long-term extension (with QB Jimmy Garoppolo). Lots of progress.’

Rapoport added:

“There is work to be done over the next several days, but sources said the optimism coming from the organization has been warranted.

The deal is expected to pay Garoppolo in the upper echelon of NFL QBs.”

GM John Lynch had reiterated how the 49ers felt that they had found ‘the guy’ and were working hard on closing a deal with Garoppolo soon when asked at the Senior Bowl. If Ian’s report is true (and why should we have any reason to believe otherwise) it’s just another example of Lynch’s transparent approach as the General Manager — something that is still somewhat a breath of fresh air to 49ers fans after the previous regime.


Let’s hope this deal is announced in the near future.